Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Pursuit Of Anxiety?

I probably shouldn't be sitting down to write as it is already 9:52am. It's my day off and boy did I sleep in. I know I probably shouldn't feel this way but I feel if I have a day off I should be running around getting something done. Obviously I'm not doing that. Anyway. I kind of feel like crap. Ever since about last Thursday I've had a toothache. It progessively got worse and by Saturday I was ready to have someone pull it out. And I was just going down the list in the phone book trying to find someone. If you know me I have a decent level of pain tolerance. I've even had 2 fillings done without any novacaine or anything. It was my choice against the doctor's wishes. And he said, "do you have any kids?" I said "no." And then he went on to say "well when you do that'll be a breeze for you." So if I say I'm in pain, I'm in pain. And Aleve didn't work. My glorious Aleve, that works for EVERYTHING didn't work. Finally my mom let me borrow this PreviDent stuff that's from our dentist that she just got. He said that it should help with any sensitivity. So I tried it. Finally! Relief. I don't know how it works, but it works. I went through the rest of the weekend pretty comfortably, but decided I'd call the dentist immediately on Monday morning. I did so and they got me in right away. I left work and went and had x-rays done and all. And they can't find a thing. Boo. Leave it up to me to have a problem that is unfixable. No signs of abscess or cavity and he said if anything he could possibly see a problem with another tooth that doesn't seem to me to be the one bothering me. So he gave me a stronger type of PreviDent and I'm on a soft food diet for a week. That's fun. No gum or soda. That's no problem because I don't chew gum or drink soda anyway. I stopped that the first time I had a problem like this about 6 years ago. At this time we're thinking something is bruised under my tooth or in my jaw that is causing the discomfort. And as we all know I have anxiety, etc. that makes me chew the inside of my cheeks and grit my teeth. So this is a good possibility. And if this doesn't work I have to go to the endodontist. And all I see is $$$. And for some reason this morning a headache has decided to greet me upon waking up. On a lighter note, David surprised me when I came home last night and said "let's go to the movies." So we did so and we saw The Pursuit Of Happyness. It was definitely a good movie, but you talk about anxiety......probably not a good thing to watch when I'm trying to stay away from that. You just feel for the guy and your heart hurts for him. Anyway. It was very good and made us appreciate all that we have, even though oftentimes we feel we have nothing. I better get productive.

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