Sunday, January 14, 2007

The Holiday and A Birthday

On Friday night we started off eating at Chet and Matt's and then ended up at a late movie. We went to see The Holiday. I've been wanting to see it. We haven't since all of the showtimes seemed to be too late or something. Well, we decided what the heck and went to the movie. It was great. I am the luckiest woman in the world to have my husband, for many reasons. But one big thing is that he will watch chick flicks with me. He will even admit he liked it. And no, he is not lying. I love him so. So the movie was wonderful. I loved it. I must admit I'm not a huge Cameron Diaz fan but everything fit together wonderfully. And I want to go to England now to visit "Kate Winslet's character's town" and her little cottage. Quite picturesque. I cannot believe how much I cried. Yes, I will cry at movies here and there but I must be ovulating or something. Because boy did it just let go. It's definitely a movie I'd like to add to our collection.

Saturday was Dad's birthday so we made a day of it and headed up to Great Northern mall and then took a jaunt over to Crocker Park and ate at his favorite restaurant, Champps. It was very yummy. Hopefully next week we'll make it to PF Changs for David's birthday. We didn't want to take any chances with the possibility of a mixture of rain/ice and driving. We'll see. I had my first Pina Colada. It was kind of gross. I probably should have prefaced that with "I'm not a big drinker." I can count on my one hand how many times I've had a drink out. Maybe I should just stick to the virgin side of things. It's hard to ruin those.

I have succeeded in getting my mom, dad, and David into a pair of Crocs. Yes, I know I can hear the rumblings of "Those are so ugly. I don't care how comfy they are." But I LOVE them! I received my first pair on Christmas day after waiting about a year to get them and I haven't taken them off since. I've even added two more pair since Christmas. If you do the math, that's one pair per week. Yes, I'm insane. I'd love to say I started the fad, as I like to take things people think are crazy/ugly, and make them cool, but I didn't. I jumped on the bandwagon and am glad I did. So as I stated, my mom and David have 2 pairs each and Dad has 1 pair. We may be twinkies, but we're comfy.

My First Pair Of Crocs


Anonymous said...

Hello there
Yes I read your BLOG and really enjoy keeping up with your comings and goings.
So you got into the CROC fad. When we were out in California this summer we tried to buy some but didn't have my size so we thought we would wait till we got down here in Florida and lo and behold we can't even find them down here. Ralph tried a couple places but they only had a couple pair and not his size. Did you send for yours? His son and daughter in law (in Calif) just live in theirs. They are sold on them and that is why we tried to find some.
Congratulations on David's promotion. That's great.


David and Heidi said...

This summer I had a hard time finding the Crocs, even when we visited Florida. It seems as though they're finally coming around here and as the weeks go on more and more places are carrying them and in higher amounts and more sizes/colors. Orignally I wanted the style without the holes on top (The Endeavor). Those were even harder to find and when I did find them I found out that they were sized differently than the ones with the holes (The Beach). The Endeavor style is in whole sizes whereas The Beach come in sizes such as 8-9. Since I'm usually an 8.5 those work the best. I don't know if this helps, but I've seen them at Journeys (shoe store), Dillards, and sports stores (such as Dick's Sporting Goods, Dunhams, and MC Sports). Good luck finding your shoes!

Jan said...

I LOVE my Crocs!! What a relief after a long day on my feet.
Thanks again for putting my curio cabinet together. You are a God send!!