Thursday, January 11, 2007

Time For Myself

I have only about 10 minutes to jot something out but I figured I'd use that 10 minutes for something. With David's new schedule/position I don't feel as though I have the time to write at length as I usually do. I'm not complaining, as we actually get to go to bed together and rise about the same time too. The first few days I must say that in the mornings it felt weird. He's very straight to the point...get up and walk out of the house. I get up about 1.5 hours before I need to leave, eat breakfast, do my hair, and then clean something around the house. That way I feel as though I've accomplished something before the day even begins. I've always felt the need to be able to have that extra time to do whatever instead of being rushed from the get go. Anyway, that's why I haven't blogged much or very long lately. It's about 9:50pm and we like to get to bed around 10pm. Lily tends to get feisty around bedtime so David always takes her upstairs with Viking to run off some energy and play. It's much easier for them to get traction on the floor in the bedroom with carpeting, than down here on the hardwood floors. And she just loves to soak up all of Daddy's love and be the center of attention. That gives me a bit of quiet time to sit and unwind with one of the cats in my lap. Boy, don't we sound like a little family. Well, we are. Just with a little more hair. I don't believe I've posted, but David was promoted to a new position within the company. He is now a mechanic. Currently he is following the other mechanic on a day to day basis, then in a couple months he will go to formal training and earn his refrigeration license. He now has a company vehicle, cell phone, and earned a raise. Can't complain about that and we are both quite excited. Just as I'm done explaining why my blogs aren't that long my time is up. Hope to write more soon. Night!

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