Sunday, January 07, 2007

Here We Go Again.

So school starts tomorrow and I'm not ready for that. But I must say I'm ready for the OSU game. Kind of nervous and I'm just waiting for the adrenalin to kick in. It's hard to think that I actually have to go through a whole day of work tomorrow. I'm kind of getting used to having Mondays off. Shouldn't this be considered a holiday too? Back to the school thing...I'm kind of frustrated. I checked out my credit card bill the other day and noticed I had only been charged for one class. So I contacted them, of course after several days of the office being closed due to the holidays, only to find that they supposedly didn't have my billing information for one of the classes. Now don't you think they'd contact me to ask or something? Kind of obvious. Anyway, so I got all the information to them. And they used to send your workbook physically in the mail. Then it went to getting it by email, then being on the school's site. Now supposedly there's not going to be a workbook. Say what? And when I go on my school site, called Blackboard, nothing is listed (classes, etc). The same thing happened last semester and nothing was on there until the actual first day of the semester. It just kind of sucks because I used to get a head start on the semester and have stuff ready way before they were actually due. And now it's kind of tough because I'm going to have to shove stuff through really fast this week to get things done that are due next monday. I'm done with my "freak out". I'm sure everything will be fine but it gives me anxiety. As usual we didn't do anything wild and crazy this weekend. On Friday night we had dinner at Fazolis and stopped by the mall with the 'rents. We ran into my cousin Jillian. She's starting to show and it's so cute. It was great to see her and see that she's doing so well. I'm so excited for her and her husband. On Saturday I worked and we did some running around. That evening we ate at Cedar Villa and then I ended up going to bed at 7pm. Yeah, that's just crazy, but I did. I was hoping to be fully rested by this morning, but that wasn't so. It felt good but not like any other time where I woke up raring to go and refreshed. I had to do a few things at work. So I headed in and took care of that first thing to get it out of the way. We went out for a drive this afternoon and stopped by the big antique store in Norwalk. We stopped by the Henry's and had pizza for dinner and here we are gearing up for another week. It sounds as though we're going to have some cooler weather this week. A far cry from last week's high 50's. Coming in the house today I looked over at one of my flower beds and saw that my daffodils had started to come up. Poor things. They must be so confused. Have a great week and a wonderful National Championship Monday.

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