Sunday, July 27, 2008

Why Must You Act Stupid?

David and I had an enjoyable day at the North Coast Animal Expo. We met up with some prospective adopters and fosters and made a bit of money to go toward the North Coast Greyhound Connection.

Following our fundraising efforts we headed up to Cleveland for the Indians game. Given the recent situation with the Indians we weren't looking for anything miraculous. Just a relaxing night at the ballpark. To start off, we stopped by The Winking Lizard downtown and got a bite to eat. Upon entering we found that it wasn't just Christmas in July at Put In Bay, but everywhere that wanted to capitalize on the opportunity. The Lizard had Christmas music going and it was real hard to comprehend that it's still summer, yet in just several short months it will be Christmas again. Talk about messing with your head. In my attempt to try another beer I chose Magic Hat #9. It was listed as a fruit beer that has an "essence of apricot." Right. It wasn't bad but you could've fooled me about the apricot. Dinner was great with the exception of the assholes at the bar. They were there celebrating someone's 40th birthday but they were acting as though they were 21. No, make that 10. They were screaming and hollering, counting down shots, etc. to the point that you couldn't hear the person across the table from you. We weren't the only ones that found this quite annoying as all of the tables in our section looked just as annoyed. Near the end of our dinner the group left and we could finally hear the Christmas music again. Ahhhh.....

We then went down to the stadium and waited for the gates to open. We hadn't expected to make it to Cleveland and eat so fast so we were there earlier than planned. We got right in as the gates opened and went to the outfield so that I could possible get some photos of the Twins batting practice. We weren't there but a minute and heard, "HEADS UP!" as a ball came barreling towards me. The ball hit the seat next to me and David scrabbled to get it. Within another second there was another ball on the way. David could've gotten that ball too but chose to leave it for someone else. David's smile on his face was priceless. He's always wanted to get catch a ball at a baseball game. Although he didn't technically catch the ball, it was still a moment he had waited a long time for. 26 years. He was thrilled.

After walking around a bit we took the hike up to our seats. Our seats sit directly in the sun until sundown. Whew, it was hot. So hot I was willing to buy not 1, but 2 bottles of Aquafina bottled water and it was gone before you could blink. The game finally got underway and that's when things started to take a turn for the worse. Our section grew more and more crazy. David purchased a set of tickets for throughout the year. Each game has the same seats. Never before had things gotten rowdy in the section. I can only contribute the amount of alcohol consumption to the heat of the night. During the 3rd inning a group of guys started heading up the stairs. The first guy had a white dress on over his jeans along with a white baseball cap and veil. It was obvious that it was his bachelor party and they were already 3 sheets to the wind along with having double fisted beers. Of course the crowd started to join in hooting and hollering at him. The group of guys played it up as they climbed. I had our items in the seat on the aisle (it was not a full house) and I was in the second seat, then David. The guys passed, and the second guy, trying to be cute, gave the "bride" a "go team" butt tap. During the process his beer splashed all over my arm, the seat, my camera and bag, and my sweatshirt. Thankfully my camera was pretty covered. Oh shit, heads were about to start knocking. I was pissed. The third guy in the group genuinely apologized and said that if he had anything that he'd help to clean it up, but he didn't. I hate to sound like a bitch, but it just pisses me off to no end.

Just like anyone, work darn hard for what we purchase and for someone to come along and ruin what you have by being inconsiderate is unacceptable. And it's not just about the camera or even my arm. It's just the idea. I'm sick of dealing with inconsiderate people on a daily basis. We are all about a "me" society. It's no wonder why foreigners hate us. After this happened we then had to deal with the rowdy crowd bad mouthing marriage and how the guy's "scared to get married." or that "he's not going to have freedom after getting married." What the hell? For real. When did marriage become such a bad thing? I will never understand the ill concept of most bachelor or bachelorette parties. Let's go out and have a night of debauchery. Something that could possibly ruin your relationship and regret for the rest of your life. And if you're so scared to get married, then don't. It's that simple. This was the icing on the cake after a long week at work. I tried to deal but I was done.

By the 4th inning we started to pack up and made a stop at the bathroom to rid myself of the beer smell as much as possible and request a bag for my beer soaked sweatshirt. Hey, at least I had the sweatshirt to soak up the mess. While leaving we debated stopping at guest services to complain. We came to the conclusion it'd be a waste of time because it's not really their fault and what would they do. More than likely we'd just look like 2 weiners complaining.

I guess I just don't understand people's thinking. I have nothing against drinking by any means. I like to have a drink here and there socially. I like to take a moment to chill. I'll never understand why people take it to excess, make themselves look like totally idiots, and ruin it for those around them. They have nothing to show but an empty pocketbook and a toilet full of vomit the next morning. Right.

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