Sunday, August 24, 2008

My How Things Change

While David and I were at breakfast this morning we were carrying on general conversation. Our conversation was lead in the direction of the Olympics as we were talking about them coming to an end. As we talked I said, "It's overrated." Of course I was joking as I'm a huge fan of the Olympics and athletes/athletics in general. My comment came from the fact that I watched almost no Olympics this time. I caught glimpses here and there including both ends of the marathons, Dara Torres, and Michael Phelps' 8th medal, but it was nothing like 4 years ago. 4 years ago we were right in the middle of our move from New Orleans (NOLA) to Detroit. I was living with Justin and Cass as we got settled into our new house while David finished his time in NOLA. We watched the Olympics non-stop and were glued to the tv. I was the type that would look up the results and still watch the playback in primetime that evening. It didn't make a difference. This year was total opposite. I'd look up the results and be content with that. Being part of the "analyzing family" I couldn't help but analyze the situation. Number 1-the timing was off. It definitely helped that there were on opposites of us (12 hours) but I could only catch things that happened early in their days as I was not able or willing to stay up late. And Number 2, which is where this post is heading, the bottom line is I don't watch hardly any tv anymore.

I was never a huge sitcom person but I watched tv pretty regularly. As a kid I could remember watching Roseanne, 90210, Saved By The Bell, Home Improvement, Friends, etc. on a weekly basis. As time moved on I was hooked on "reality tv." I'd watch Real World, Big Brother, Survivor, and Amazing Race. I still watched these 4 years ago. However, as time has moved on I find myself watching less and less tv. Not sure really why. I can't say it's a waste of my time because I'm now instead on the computer. I guess I just don't want to get tied down into a show. That and they have so many shows that are the same now, and those don't interest me. The CSI-type, mystery, fake know what I'm talking about. It's not really my genre, not to mention the storyline repeats itself from week to week. Different people, different situations, but the same progression. And in general, you can only repeat topics so much in sitcoms.

Looking back to when our tv died last year, if I was single, living alone, I wouldn't have bought another tv. And the only real reasons we keep cable is for the computer and sports. A few years ago I couldn't understand how people could live without cable tv. Now I do. My how things change.

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