Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Surgery For Lily

Hopefully the start of the morning doesn't signify how the rest of the day's going to be. I woke up at 5:30 to find that we over slept. I knew that I set the alarm for 5am to go running. And I'm a triple plus checker when it comes to alarms. I was baffled by what happened. I reset it for 6am and had a last half hour of restless sleep. At 5:59 I went to turn off the alarm and it started vibrating. Ohhhh, I forgot to turn the sound on before going to bed last night. I'm an idiot and totally bummed that we had another day of no running. Yesterday we didn't run since we were up later on Sunday waiting for a phone call from Sita and Alpa saying they are safe and sound on American soil after their vacation. So the day isn't starting out so well.

It's a nervous day for me. Our little Lily's going under anesthesia to have some work done. To begin, she has a hernia. She's had it for awhile and we've kept an eye on it. However, she had some IBD issues a couple weeks ago and was straining to defecate, which made the hernia larger. So it's time to repair that. In addition, while she's under it's best to have her teeth cleaned. That will definitely call for an extraction or two seeing that one is discolored and knowing her dental history. I administer anesthesia on a daily basis and the protocol doesn't change with your own pet, however my mommy mode has kicked in and I'm generally nervous. Not to mention, I hate inflicting pain on her. She'll of course have a good dose of morphine and an NSAID, but she's such a fragile girl at only 6 lbs. I know she'll never be a mama's girl (she's definitely a daddy's girl) but I hate the feeling that she resents me since I'm the one always putting her through stressful/painful situations. I know most anyone reading this will think I'm crazy and say, "She's just a dog," but she's our dog and as close to a child as we'll ever have. So if you have a moment Lily would appreciate any positive energy sent her way today.

It is currently 2:05 pm and Lily has been out of surgery for approximately 1 hour. There were no complications with surgery. Her hernia's been repaired, teeth have been cleaned, and she had 2 extractions. She's recovering nicely and Mommy's not doing too bad either =).

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Jen said...

I will be praying for Lilly today. For a surgery without any complications and a fast recovery. And some peace for you too!