Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Passport Update

Ever since I found out our passports were lost a manual search has been being performed. Basically the individual at the USPS was working as a liason between myself and the US Passport Agency. She'd keep me posted on anything going on, mostly just to give me condfidence that something was actually happening and they weren't yanking my chain. I received another phone call yesterday. The USPS worker wanted to verify our address. After a week's manual search our passport applications are still MIA. Back to square one. We are to receive a letter today stating that we need to re-apply. We cannot do anything until we receive the letter, but she was just giving us the heads up so we could get the ball moving again on our end. Ah well. We had already picked up a certified letter of David's name change and David took care of getting certified birth certificates for both of us. And at the beginning of this fiasco I filled out new applications. Of course we never used those so I held on to them, so it's one less this we have to do. According to the USPS worker she understands that the letter states some fees are going to be waved. We will still have to pay the $75 fee for each passport but this application fee via the USPS will be waved and we will be reimbursed for our expenses (1st application fee, certified name change letter, birth certificates). In addition, our passports will be expedited at no charge. That's what I'm talking about. We better get something here. So as of this moment we're waiting in the wings ready to jump for when we receive the letter.

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