Saturday, February 21, 2009

Life In Pictures

Not only do I love to take pictures, but I also like to look at them. Over the past couple of years I've compiled family pictures and made a scrapbook. It's nothing fancy, but I think it will help preserve our family history and memories. Of course I've done me and my siblings' childhoods, but I've also trekked back to my parents and grandparents. I've gone back as far as I can find. From professional, to candid, I've attempted to compile, organize, and preserve them all. I like to take a few moments here and there to get the scrapbook out to look at it. I thought I'd share just a couple with you. Hmmm....maybe I'll make this a regular thing...maybe?

James And Noreen Quirie - Grandparents

Dale And Eileen Roth - Grandparents

Dad, or is it Rico Suave?

Mama Jan

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Jan said...

Truly laughing out loud. Ha ha ha