Monday, February 23, 2009

Rudy! Rudy!

Back in 1995, when I broke my leg, family members came to the rescue. They came with love through patience, visits, food, and videos. I'll never forget the generosity of those around me. I remember the "smell good spray" Aunt Julie brought, the Spaghettios Aunt Sharon brought, and the many videos Aunt Shelly let me borrow. There are many other moments and acts of kindness that happened then. Too many to list.

I remember when Aunt Shelly came up with a ton of videos in hand. One was "Rudy" I had never seen it, but thought I'd give it a try. I immediately loved it and watched it multiple times. Not only is it an awesome movie, but it has an amazing score.

About a year ago we went to see the Cavs play and the music of Rudy came on. I couldn't quite place the tune, but somehow remembered it. Through the help of David's great ear, he placed it immediately. I knew then that I had to download it and add it to my running playlist. I added it, but with the change over from my Sansa to iPod it got lost in the mix. I added it again last week and the "tryout" score made it in my playlist today. Ahhh, it gave me that extra little drive I was hoping for. Another sub 32 minute 3 miler. Not amazing, but as always, it's the small steps that lead to big things.

This isn't the best video to hear the music given that it's actually from the movie, but you get the idea....

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Mrs.S Roth said...

wow you have a wonderful memory. I really love that movie and the music is very inspirational. I can watch that movie numerous times and never get tired of it.