Thursday, February 19, 2009


It's been awhile since I've posted a "powersong" What can I say? Sometimes they exist, sometimes they don't. But, one was provided for me today. Ever run to classical music?? Obviously with my previous posting and today, you can see that I do.

It's called Palladio I, Allegretto aka The DeBeers Diamond Commercial by composer Karl Jenkins. In doing some research for a video I happened on the video above. Their name is eScala and my understanding is that they were on Britain's Got Talent. The song in my iPod is the "regular" version. I definitely love that version, but I found if you listen to the video long enough you'll find that it goes into a "rock" beat. That verision most definitely needs to be uploaded to the iPod. Not only will I have my soothing, yet driving classical musical, but a little extra oomph to keep me going.

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Jan said...

When you get a cello you can practice this one.