Monday, February 16, 2009

Romantic And Spontaneous

Okay, let's face it....there are a few things....make that many things, I am not. 2 that top the list....romantic and spontaneous. I dunno if it's just not in me, or what. I think the easiest explanation is that I'm so on the go that it's hard for me to stop and smell the roses or even have thoughts to consider getting off of a planned schedule. I've got to say, David's not all that romantic or spontaneous either. Thankfully it's not an issue to us.

With that being said, we never do anything for Valentine's Day. I can remember back in 1998 when we had first dated. We did the typical going out, went to a movie, I made him cookies, he made me a huge cookie, type of thing. Since then we've just said, "eh, it's just another day." And I can't remember doing much, if anything since. So earlier last week I said, "Why don't we do something for Valentine's Day. Any ideas?" We both thought of it over the week and couldn't come up with anything. I figured we'd end up doing our regular thing. That was until I received a phone call from David saying, "How about Niagara Falls?" He had found a hotel and all. I was for it. Romantic and spontaneous?? What has gotten into us?! I had to work a couple hours on Saturday, but with the help of my boss, who had sympathy for David =), he got me out of there ASAP. We took off in the late morning and made great time.

Our hotel was excellent. We don't usually put too much thought, time, or money into where we stay oftentimes. We see it as a place to rest our head at night. However, this was another step up for us. A historical inn, it was not a chain, and had it's own little charm. Unfortunately we were unable to book a room with a king sized bed, and had to settle for 2 beds. This is nothing new for us. If you can believe it, out of any of our trips (5), only 1 room has had a single bed. Once again, it's not like we spend much time there, we hate to spend $X amount more for it, and remember, we're not romantic ;) Sometimes it's a relief. After sharing a bed with 2 dogs and each other, we're both not afraid to admit it's nice to have our own beds to ourselves on our little trips. I know, most people think we're totally crazy when they hear this, but as long as we're on the same page, that's all that matters, right?

After checking in we headed out to check out the town. We got a bite to eat, checked out the Cliffton Hill area, spent some time at the casinos and shops, and stopped by the Falls to see it at night. As you can expect with us, we walked and covered a ton of area, taking it all in. We headed back to the hotel after picking up some beer and wine to experiment with at LCBO.

The next day we had our awesome complimentary breakfast at the hotel dining area (I guess the restaurant is known for it's find dining for dinner) and then explored a bit more before heading home.

It was short but sweet, but we had an absolute wonderful time. I'm so glad David came up with the idea and found the hotel. We may not be that romantic or spontaneous, but these trips can't hurt, right? And if you add a bit of our adventurous side in the mix, it makes for fun-filled trips, even if they are short. After our trips, especially NYC and Niagara Falls, we've found that we can see a lot in a short period of time. It's great, and we hope to use it to our advantage, taking smaller, shorter trips. Most people may not know, but we never had a "special" honeymoon....We spent 1 night in Elyria. This is understandable given that we had limited funds and were headed to New Orleans soon after. However, it's something I wish we could have done at the time. But that's okay. We may never had a grand honeymoon, but we're making up for it as often as we can now.

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