Thursday, July 06, 2006

The Perfect Jean

Mom and I had a wonderful day together yesterday. We ended up not only going to Strongsville but also Great Northern. Due to her testing in the morning we didn't leave until around 11:00 but it left us plenty of time to have a good time. We really weren't looking for anything inparticular. I tried on a few dresses here and there, stopped in Hollister and figured I'd try a pair of their jeans. The size 7 was pretty tight not to mention super long. So I was going to try the 9, but there weren't any without holes, not to mention I'm sure they'd be even longer. And Short/Ankle fit are just too short. Then we went to the GAP and I figured, "hey, why not try on some of their jeans. It's been awhile since I've tried them on...." So I did. Maybe I should explain at this time that I have a HARD time finding jeans/pants to fit me. For instance I've been looking a year for a pair of jeans. And I just keep going back to the American Eagle Hipster Flare 100% cotton. They're okay, but it's nice to have a different "style" every so often. It's frustrating because I'll get on this kick and want to find a new pair of jeans and then I get so depressed about it and I just have to say to myself, "why are you doing this? go back to american eagle and get the usuals." You can only imagine what David and my mom go through during these times. Anyway, I found a great pair, but with holes! Can anyone explain the hole thing to me? Why would you pay about $60 for a pair of jeans that already have holes? I'm young, I should understand this right? Not at all. I like to put my own holes in my jeans after wearing them for a few years! Alright, so the woman tried helping me out because I didn't want any stretch in them and I didn't want totally light ones either. No go. She gave me a few more to try on and they just didn't work. So mom wanted to go to Great Northern so we headed over there. Stopped at the GAP and were looking around. The workers at this store will not let you be....they keep asking you over and over, "can I help you? are you finding everything okay" I stopped by the jeans and was slightly irritated with everyone bugging me that my mom and I were about headed out he door when another girl said "are you sure you don't need any help" (she must have been able to tell the look on my face) and my mom spoke up "we want a specific pair of jeans but we're not sure you have them" So the girl took us over there and was pulling about 20 pairs of jeans off the shelf explaining them all to me and how they fit. She started with size 6 and I just looked at her and said, "we may need to try the 8's too" So I started trying them on and there it was. The oh so perfect pair of jeans. Actually, they were slightly large so I had to get a 4! What?! A perfect pair of jeans and a size 4 in one day! What do I owe the honor of this to? I must say that I had to sacrifice the 100% cotton thing I wanted...but they're 99% cotton and 1% lycra....I'm good to go as long as they're not spandex. So I ended up getting 2 pairs, because you know that in a year I probably won't be able to find them again. That's another thing I don't understand....they have about 8 cuts of jeans, then each has a about 20 different shades and each of those shades are a different make up of fabric, so you're not really sure what you got, because they don't have numbers or anything. So when you find the perfect jean you can never find it again. Ah well, I don't have to worry about that because right now I have the perfect jean. Thanks mom for a great day...I had fun and it was nice to spend time together!


Anonymous said...

It was my pleasure!! You are a "hoot" and a "holler". I had a great day with ya. Lots of memories.

Anonymous said...

Hi Heidi,
I know I want to go to the Gap store to find my perfect pair of jeans.[[Your not secretly working for them are you?]]Like I said before you really need to write a book .I'll be the first one in line to buy it.Take care and keep being You.
A blogger friend.
Linda P.

Jacki said...

I hear ya! When I find something I really like that actually fits well, I definitely buy multiples! I remember my dad thinking I was weird when I was younger because I would have 2 or 3 of the exact same pair of jeans. Guys just don't understand the difficulty of women's clothing!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, Heidi, the jeans blog is so me --- right down to the brands and sizes and how many times trying them on --- only I did the Lucky Brand Jeans that way, too, in April tried every pair to refind myself in jeans. No Lucky for me, but do have favorite Gap pair and AE. Do find that best jeans are friends' already broken in ones, though. Never find new that fit as well, not in regular long jeans. Your mom sent me your blogs via email and enjoying them. Couldn't resist commenting on this one!!!

France Desrosiers, someone in your mom's past (way past). And by the way, you look so much like she did when I knew her.