Saturday, September 16, 2006

Cassidy, Our Cheerleader

Cassidy was a mini cheerleader yesterday at the Huron vs. Margaretta game. Ed even bought her a "retired" cheerleader uniform to wear, so she was the real deal. Although she was tired from a full day at schoo,l I think she still had a good time. Her favorite cheer was the Tiger Rumble! David, myself, and the 'rents met Ed at the game so we could see her cheer and take loads of pictures and video. Click on the link to see the pictures. I hope to be able to upload the video sometime this weekend.


Anonymous said...

Loved the pictures. Thanks for sending them. Cassidy looks like a real cheer leader.
Grandma Q

Anonymous said...

Our little "Tiger"

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for sending the pictures. In the one of you and Cassidy you guys really look alike. She's taking on more of the Roth characteristics. She's growing up so fast. I miss her so much. Give her a big hug from me the next time you see her.