Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Vote For Mona!

Mona Rutger is an amazing individual. I've been to her facility and have met her personallly. By voting for her on the Animal Planet website she will be recognized for her efforts and receive a well deserved vacation.

Courtesy Of Animal Planet.com-
Mona Rutger, together with her husband Bill, has owned and operated a volunteer wildlife rehabilitation and nature education center, Back to the Wild, for 15 years in Castalia, Ohio. The center rescues over 2,000 injured or abandoned wild animals each year, and is able to return over 60 percent of them back into the wild. A nonprofit with no funding, the center relies on contributions by individuals and organizations to cover the cost of caring for the constant influx of "wildings." Mona consistently puts in long hours, especially while tending to the many baby birds and animals that require constant care. She says, "It's very demanding, but it's my passion." Her other passion is teaching future generations the great need to preserve and protect our natural world. She presents educational programs to over 50,000 students and members of youth groups and adult organizations each year, traveling all around the state as well as conducting programs and tours at the center several times a week. Fifteen Eagle Scout projects have been completed at the center by local youth. Three of Mona's young assistants have been inspired to attend veterinary school because of their work at Back to the Wild. Two are practicing veterinarians and the third will graduate soon. At least one other young volunteer has stated that she also plans to become a veterinarian. Mona takes part in volunteer studies with veterinarians on such diseases as West Nile virus and avian flu, and they are using the data gathered in national and international research.

Click on the link to vote for Mona Rutger and Back To The Wild



Jan said...

I voted tons of times. I hope she wins...she deserves it.

Cassie said...

I'll be voting!

Heidi, you've gotta knock that insomnia thing out. I can tell you the things that I think helped me, but mine was all before getting married, so it was a while ago. I really feel for ya :-(

Anonymous said...

My best friend Bryann worked for a wildlife refuge in Orlando called Back to Nature for about 5 years. Actually she still goes down each year to help with their annual fundraisers. I've been there many times to support her and the countless others who do what is essentially a thankless job. It's one of the hardest things anyone can do. The loss of life is horrific and knowing that we are the main causes with traffic and other expansion is heartwrenching. But for the ones they can save, rehabilitate and return to the wild it's pure joy. I remember many nights being up hourly feeding baby squirrels and racoons. I think what they do is great and you even in your office setting help our poor defensless two/four legged and winged friends. Keep up the good work. Camie