Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Crazy 'Puters!!!!

I went to work yesterday and the computer was working fine. While at work out internet starting acting kind of weird. Mostly Yahoo wouldn't load. Then I noticed Flickr wouldn't work either. I came home to find the same problem, in addition to the screen freezing up once I type in a new address. However, I could type in the Google search box in my task bar and search something and go to it through there. I called the 'rents and come to find out their stuff is working. Hmmmm....so I think to myself....crap! Did my page carry a virus? Since it was happening both there and here. You know me, thinking crazy things. So I was up last night trying to figure it out. I downloaded Internet Explorer 7 (by the way it's kind of weird and will take a few days to get used to) and ran all of my virus stuff (which runs on a daily basis anyway) and the address bar thing was fixed. Then Yahoo would finally load but if I clicked on anything on it it wouldn't move anywhere (for instance My Mail, etc). I kept searching online for answers, but of course any answers for Yahoo or Flickr were on their site....yeah, that won't work. And then there were people saying "go into this and do this" I'm one of those people that will just dig into the computer and do stuff but I have my limit. And I didn't want to screw myself over by totally jacking up my computer. So at about 11pm I game up and "went to bed". Before leaving the 'puter I turned it off and reset the modem in hopes that might help and just left it off all night. I tossed and turned all last night. Hardly sleeping a wink. You see, when I feel I have to do something either I can't sleep at all or I just dream about it. So I dreamt about it. And then I think to myself, it probbly won't work anyway tomorrow...so my mind is just reeling. I arose when my alarm went off. Came downstairs. Started the darn thing, left to make breakfast, came back, loaded Yahoo and it worked...say what? It worked, AND My Mail and Flickr did too. Thank you Jesus! Please continue to work, please, please. So it's worked so far this morning and according to Aunt Daleen's post she was having problems too....maybe it was the cable company. I dunno. But it works now. Isn't it crazy how something that should be so relaxing can cause you the most anxiety???

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