Thursday, September 14, 2006

Organizing Freak? Yeah, that's me!

Our fridge in now fixed. Actually it was fixed on Tuesday. We had one more glitch in the process before actually having it fixed. On Monday the company we were going with had a shipment problem with some parts they ordered, which set them back in their schedule. So there was one more day for us to wait. And at that point as I stated, we were at their mercy. The good thing is that it's fixed now and even though we had to spend money it wasn't a million dollars or anything. On another topic I feel as though I've been slacking with my blog. Sorry to those faithful readers out there. I totally understand because I check my round of blogs at least once daily...sometimes more...and it's no fun when no one has written. It's just been crazy at work and then when I get home I feel as though I can't sit down. I just keep going and going...kind of like the energizer bunny. For instance on Tuesday night I got home and just couldn't sit down. Needless to say tons of work got done from about 8:30 until midnight. I went through the entire downstairs wall closet (the one with many compartments that make up the entire wall in the downstairs bedroom). Everything is organized and sifted through and I had a pile of stuff to get rid off. There's everything in there...anything from candles, to games, dog clothes, photo albums, school name it, it's in there. So that felt good, as I had been wanting to do it for awhile. I can't say I had the energy for it, but when my mind says go, my body must continue on as well. I even dusted the entire downstairs, changed the dining room tablecloth (more fall-like now!), and organized this shelf thing I have in the dining room. It used to have these baskets for storage but I figured I'd change it up a bit and take those out and put some knick knack types of things it there. I shouldn't say knick knacks...they're little collectible type of things. It looks nice and instead of going out and spending money I don't have on a curio cabinet at this time, it works just fine. And I'm not paranoid about the cats knocking anything over since the compartments are quite concave. Sweet! Then the dog clothes....Yes, if you didn't know, we dress our pets and I must say they do love it. But okay, I'll finally admit it. We're crazy! I couldn't believe how many dresses, sweaters, coats, etc. that our pets have. I had decided that it was time to organize a little more since we had grown out of the wall hanging "closet" David had made AND the sterilite chest of drawers also. We had a grocery bag filled of just their stuff too. So I got some smaller boxes that I could store in the wall closet (the one I talked about above). I switched out all the seasonal clothes on the wall, their outdoor coats are in the sterlite drawers and the other boxes have the opposite season (spring/summer) and things they've outgrown in them. And you know I couldn't get rid of the clothes that are too never know when we may have another small one...not anytime soon! At this time I'm sure you're thinking "Heidi, I really don't care about what type of cleaning or organizing you did...and is this all you write about, since that's what most of your posts are about?" I know, I know. Sorry. And this might sound crazy but writing it out makes me feel as though I've accomplished something. It's kind of like when you have a list of things to do and you get to check them off as you do it. It feels so good when you've been able to check those things off. Doesn't it? Anyway, that's why I always write about this stuff. Stupid, I know. Let's change subjects. Tomorrow is Friday. That means the weekend is around the corner. Can't complain. Tomorrow night we're going to head out to the Huron came to see Cassidy cheer at the football game. It should be fun and if nothing else a great hoot! She's a ham and it's great seeing her have a good time. This Saturday is my week to work but with the owner being out of town we're not going to have practice hours. Just the clinic will be open to sell food, products, etc. No, we're not pulling the wool over the owner's eyes. It's normally his weekend to work and with him being gone the other doctor has been pulling some long hours/days so it's just fair that since she's not normally scheduled we shouldn't make her work an additional day. So I'll be working the desk so I can make my hours....which means I'll be working on school work. Oh yeah, one more thing. School started this week. Ya'll know I'm booking it to get my weeks done to get ahead. Since I had Wednesday off I worked all day and I'm just about finished with Week 3's assignments. Kick butt. Oh yeah, Jerry and Diana, if you're reading this, I got your video transferred. I just have to get it on DVD then I'll send it on down. I had an issue with it last kept dropping frames from the video making it real choppy. But I got it figured out and we should be all set. Tomorrow's Friday....Tomorrow's Friday....


Anonymous said...

Whew, ya wear me out. Good job on the organizing. I know it feels good. Now take a few days and relax.

Anonymous said...

Come on down again and I will put you to work with all that excess energy. My good old days have gone by the wayside. Now I do one chore a day and hope to keep up with everything. I will repeat what your mom had tosay, now sit back and relax. Wish I could see Cassidy cheer leading tooo.Love