Sunday, September 24, 2006

New Camera

Hello! As the weekend comes to a close and the new week starts I wanted to sit and write for a bit. We didn't end up going to CP this weekend. The weather was iffy and it just wasn't worth taking the chance of wasting the tickets. We still have several more weeks left in the season to be able to go. So of course we watched the Ohio State vs Penn State game. That was a little uneasy, but what I can I say, we're a second half team. Also, I must note, great job to Notre Dame, can't believe they pulled that one out. Whew! Since Ohio State won we had to celebrate. And as most of you know there's not much to do here in Santown to celebrate, so hey, we headed to Friendlys. Any excuse for me to get ice for me! Ya'll know we did more in the day than just that, but nothing really that exciting unless you want to hear about us running errands getting, getting dog litter, etc. Then Sunday comes and I become a football widow for one more day of the week. I used to be able to handle football two days in a row, but I'm sorry, I just can't do it anymore. And David's ALWAYS been a hardcore Vikings fan, so there's no tearing him away from that. He loves OSU, but if it came down to only being able to watch one, he'd choose the Vikings. I can't complain too much though because that's David's time with his dad and of course I keep busy with something, usually with mom, getting coffee, know, the usual. So that's what we did today and then we all had dinner tonight at our place. It was only the second time I've got to "entertain" since we've been married. Thie first was down in N.O. for Thanksgiving. Two other Marines came over. And ever since then we were never at home (on leave), our place was too small, or Cass and J had something. So it was nice. I finally got to do it. Our dining room table is still kind of tight with 6 people, but I just call that cozy. We had roasted chicken, potatos, gravy, and stuffing (gotta love the stuffing). And thanks to mom for all of your help. It was a good time, not to mention, much cheaper than going out and just as good. We have to do it more often. One last thing. We bought a new camera today. It's the Kodak Z650. After doing much research we felt this one would suit our needs best. I'm very excited and so far (in the 2 hours I've had it), it's what I had hoped for. Can't wait to take more pictures. Just wait until our Disney trip! It's going to be pictures galore (hopefully)!


Kyle Roth said...

Cool, new camera! We ended up going to Cedar Point on Sunday and running into Marcie, Jessie and the girls.

The Steelers game was not on in Cleveland, and from the looks of it I did not miss much anyways. :(

Have fun with the new camera... can't wait to see the shots.

Jan said...

Where are the pics?? This isn't like you...we are waiting :)

David and Heidi said...

hey! A girl's gotta work...give me time!