Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Floor Is Coming

Well, it's finally here. We're going to be doing our floor this upcoming weekend. Of course I already have everything off the walls and almost the entire downstairs (with the exception of the kitchen) stripped down to the bare minimum. Uncle Jerry, Aunt Diana, Camie, and her family will be in the next 2 days, so I had to keep my house functional for at least a few more days. Then the computer, tv, and everything else will come down...ship the animals to various places, including sita and alpa's and nana and pawpaw's. Then away we go. And it's only Tuesday. And you know I just had to check out what was under the crappy carpet in the cat room, yep, hardwood floors...so we tore up the downstairs bedroom (cat room) carpeting last night. We're crazy, we know, but better to get it done all in one shot then do all of this over again, not to mention we want uniformity with the floors if at all possible. I know it will look wonderful in the end. And the bottom line is it will get done...it has to get done. No matter how much sandpaper we need. On a lighter note, we had a nice weekend. I came home on Friday to the lawn being mowed (THANKS DAVID!) and just had a chill night. Then went up to Beachwood on Saturday, to PF Changs (our favorite chinese restaurant that is well worth the almost 2 hour drive) with both sets of 'rents, stopped up to see Aunt Cindy (by the ways she's doing great. Yes she can!), then had a somewhat chill day on Sunday finishing up with David helping out at The Chapel playing set for the youth group. Of course there were other things we did, but nothing worth mentioning that anyone would care about. Obviously I've been doing tons of cleaning and rearranging, not to mention tons of thoughts going around in my head trying to figure out some sort of schedule when to disassemble the computer, when to mow/edge the lawn since I can't do it this weekend (yes, believe it our not it is already time to mow...darn fertilizer),etc. Obviously my anxiety is through the roof. 1...Relax....2....Relax....3....Relax.....

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