Monday, October 16, 2006

Anxiety? What Anxiety?

Hello all! Today was an interesting day (what day isn't?) Try following me on this one.....My boss comes up to me first thing and says, "how was your weekend?" As usual I reply with a hearty "great!" and continue about my business. Later, he pulls me aside and says, "we were kind of worried about you last week. Did you get enough rest?" Once again, I say I was fine and even slept in until 10:00 on Sunday. He then continues saying, "well, what can we do to make sure you don't get burnt out again? I think you should take tomorrow off." ? ? ? I kind of look at him confused and say, "I'm fine, I've been fine, and really I don't need a day off." So about 15 minutes later the office manager (his wife) approaches me and says the same thing. So I finally say, "I'll take a day off, but only at your's not my choice." So I go through the day thinking I'm having tomorrow off. And of course I begin to think to myself "this isn't going to be half bad. I'm going to get paid for a day off of work. sweet" Then the end of the day comes and drama begins. We look at the schedule for tomorrow and it's packed, including 3 procedures that require anesthesia. With me not coming in that leaves only 1 tech and 1 receptionist to carry the burden. I pull the office manager aside and say, "hey, do you REALLY want me to take the day off, it looks kind of hectic. I'm more than willing to come in, but I definitely don't want to be called in when the day's half over" She says, "no, we'll be fine. Just pass it by Doc to make sure." So I ask Doc the same question and he says, "crap, you better come in." Then the office manager says to him, "no, we'll be fine." So I said, "well, how about taking Friday off...." You see, him and the office manager will be gone, meaning less appointments, plus it'll allow me to have a 3 day weekend. And Doc says, "oh, this morning you don't want to take time off, but now you do." How dare him! So I explain, "when you have something given to you, then taken away, it kind of sucks." But he said, "no, that's not a good idea because they wouldn't have any back up if necessary." And the office manager said (in front of everyone) "You've been stiffed by the others, what difference would it make" Which is true. As stated in the last post, I'm always the one being called in. Being the low man on the totem pole and not having kids kind of puts me there......I'm the only tech that works full time now since the others have children. So we left it at me not coming in and then the girls tomorrow being slammed. Not something good to do. So the tech that was working today (not the same one tomorrow) was saying, "ooooh, she's going to be pissed tomorrow" and "when we worked full time we never got days off." So here we go.....I'm sitting there with tons of anxiety about ready to cry. I don't even want to take a day off and then it's going to come back on me, making me look bad. What's up with that? I didn't want to call the tech for tomorrow, I just couldn't. So the tech from today called the tech for tomorrow and then I finally received a phone call from the tech for tomorrow. She was fine with me, but was still pissed. Not to mention one of her kids is sick and she may even receive a phone call to leave work tomorrow to go pick him up. Which would leave the clinic with no one, and they're going to end up calling me. And she tells me not to pick up my phone, and just leave them hanging out there. So what am I to do? This is just straight up ridiculous. I'm darned if I do and darned if I don't. If I don't go in I'll leave the tech hanging and then possibly get called in or choose to leave the clinic hanging. And if I go in then the tech may get "mad" at me because she was hoping to make a point of the whole situation (calling the office manager out) and I may be screwed (once again) if she has to leave to pick up her kid. I just hate tension. I've already been in the situation where my coworkers don't care for me, and I never want to go back. I don't think my coworkers would make me an outcast, but you know how people talk and nit pick. What would you do? So after much thought and prayer, I feel there is only one answer. Go in to work as usual. It's just not me to leave anyone hanging. In my heart I can't do it. Call me a sissy or whatever you want, but that's how I stand. My coworker may not be able to call the office manager out, but the way I look at it, there will be less tension that way. And you never know, maybe they'll offer me a different day off (especially if I get screwed again). It doesn't matter anyway, since it wasn't my idea to begin with. Nothing lost. Nothing gained. I'll keep you posted. So did ya'll follow all of that????


Jan said...

UH, could you repeat that once again!! ;)

Anonymous said...

Heidi, I think you did the right thing..You have a conscience, (something that a lot of people need)Love Aunt Sharon

erika said...

Heidi, I agree with you and Sharon - go to work tomorrow. You won't enjoy the day anyways because you'll be thinking about work and being called in. Although your boss sounds less than reasonable, hopefully he'll see your integrity and commitment and give you the day off Friday. Hang in there.
Love, Erika