Sunday, October 15, 2006

Whirlwind Of A Week

As usual, it's my last bit of quiet time before the hectic week starts. Last week was a whirlwind to say the least. As posted I got tons of stuff done on Wednesday and as soon as Thursday hit, it didn't slow down. Work has been as busy as busy as ever, and I must say the clients are getting meaner and meaner. I'm figuring it's the state of the economy around here in addition to people's job security. And at this point I hate to say it but I can just see it getting worse throughout the holiday season and winter months. You know, when February/March hits, everyone seems to be in the gloomy stage. I can remember when I worked up in Michigan and the winter gloom hit. I swear I got yelled at by clients on a daily basis. I just continue to grin and bear it and just remind myself they aren't trying to target me. It's hard for them to understand that I too am going through ecomonical/emotional struggles too. But anyway, it's been very busy. I even got called in to work on Friday morning. 3 out of 5 times I'm called in early so I just wish I could go in early all the time but they don't want me to get "burned out" and since I already average about 48 hours per week they'd prefer not to pay me anymore overtime. I like being busy because that's what I thrive on, constantly moving, thinking "what can I be doing now to make things go smoother and to make the most of my time." When it ends, I sit down and crash for a few moments, and then the adrenaline kicks in again and my mind just won't stop. It's horrible because one part of my mind says, "no, I can't go on." and the other says, "go, go, go!" So last night I took a Tylenol PM and boy did it work.....I slept until 10 this morning. That's got to be a record for least for the past couple years. And I must say it was a pretty lazy weekend, I think because of the craziness of the week. I got off later than expected on Saturday (of course, I ended up working over) and so we decided to have a late lunch and headed up to Elyria for Texas Roadhouse. It's one of our favorite restaurants. It's the typical steak place with peanut shells on the floor, etc. but their rolls and cinnamon/sugar butter are to die for. We used to go there all the time when we lived in NOLA but we don't have one here (probably a good thing). And if you know us, we will travel for food that we love. So that's what we did. Our trip was unexpected, but that's what makes life fun. It sounded good, so off we went. Then we made a stop at Target to try and find me the long sleeved tees that they carry (ours didn't have my size). I got what I wanted and since we were already up near there, we stopped at the Avon Commons to check out Old Navy. I must say that Old Navy's let me down over the past 2 years. And it totally bums me out. I used to LOVE their clothing before it became popular and now I just don't like the styles they come out with. I don't think they're quality is that great and as with everything, the price just continues to rise. I used to be able to grab a cart and fill it and at this pint I may be lucky to find one thing I like during one season. And with my luck it won't fit. I can't tell you how many jeans I've bought from there that never fit right. And I can't say that it's because I'm older, because I don't even think they're trying to target the tweens or teens, but possibly the late 20's to early 30's group. I dunno, they keep continuing on with this bohemian type of look or something....Okay, now I know I'm not making sense at all. But you get the idea. I'm not ready to Boycott yet, I'm still giving them a chance, but at this point it's not looking too bright. Hey, at least they got on the dog clothes bandwagon and David still likes to get his jeans there. Some pluses for them. Enough about that. We decided to head home after our short trip but instead of going the highway we took the "coastal trail" on the lake. It's always a nice ride and it's fun to remember all the fun times David and I had when we were dating and would drive that same route just to have something to do. Just adding more great memories. We crashed when we got home. I fell asleep on the couch while David watched the Ohio State game. And then finally had a late dinner, cameo pizza. It had been forever since we have had it (I'm talking probably 6+ years), and it was great. While David went to pick it up I chose a movie to watch...Phantom of the Opera. Surprisingly I stayed awake and that was our Saturday. As I stated, I slept in until late on Sunday, then decided to finally get off our butts and headed out to Harvest Happenings with David's mom. It was perfect weather for it. We didn't stay out their that long, but long enough to enjoy fall, see Mona and her animal's, and to check out the photographs. As expected I didn't get to take home any ribbons, but I definitely think I'd like to submit more pictures in the future. It made me feel good in my heart to show off something I'm proud of. And as with anything, I don't need a ribbon in order to prove something. Me just going through the steps of taking the pictures, having them developed, and submitting them proves to myself that I can do it and have fun at the same time. It's still great to be evolving as a person. I can only hope that my mind stays as open in the future as it is now, so that I can continue to strive to do thing's I never thought of doing and possibly excelling at them. Cassidy's birthday is today, so we stopped by her party at skate world. As with all children's birthday parties, it was crazy. And we ended our evening with a quiet family dinner incuding homemade apple crisp, thanks to Sita...And here I am. David's in bed and I have the animal's quietly sleeping around me... It's getting late and time for bed. Sleep tight everyone!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Heidi,
We went to Jamie's for some coin sets on Saturday and then we went to the Texas Roadhouse too.I think we were there around 5:00. There food is soooo good.Sunday we went to Michigan so I didn't make it to Harvest Happenings.The one thing I've learned about you is that you do things you want and love to do and your not looking for praise from anyone.What ever project you start you are a perfectionist and you see it through.You have a lot of Love for life.I really love the pictures of your dog's dressed up.I read an article today in Cosmopolitan about a girl in her twenties that was hired by a radio station to be a blogger .She's making good money and she works from her home.She has a personality like you and everyone loves her.I hope you have a good week at work and that your smile makes everyone get out of the gloomy stage.Take care and till next time keep being you.
Your blogger friend.
Linda P.