Sunday, October 29, 2006

Christmas Craziness

Okay, I'm feeling better now. I don't really think I came down with something. However, I'm not usually a type of person that suffers from allergies. Whatever, either the Zicam worked wonders or I just felt crappy for no reason. I think of writing on here a lot, but it seems as though I never get around to it. Either I don't feel inspired or I just don't have time, which makes no sense, because I should have more time now than I did in the summer. I did take some time to make the website about the McKelvey Plat. If you want to check it out, click here. I hope everyone changed their clocks last night, or your sitting here reading that at the "wrong" time. It's always nice to gain an hour. David and I have been truly crazy with the whole Christmas thing. Yes, we ended up buying an entire tray of blue lights. Hey, they were on sale. And if we have too many, we'll take them back. However I think we'll make use for them all. And we got a few other things for the windows that light up and some new Christmas ornaments. I have always felt I don't need anymore ornaments, which really we don't. My mom and dad always went out the day after Christmas and fought the crowds at hallmark. So then we'd always get the ornaments one year later, which means all of us kids have a decent sized ornament collection of good ornaments. But I've come to the decision, I do not have to put them all on every year. I've always felt obligated to do so, but this year will be different. And of course we found tons of cool ornaments at Kohls and Hallmark has some really cute ones too. It's hard for me to believe it's only October with all of the Christmas around us. But I like Christmas time. Just like fall, it gives me that warm fuzzy feeling. So I'm going to enjoy it. We're going to have the problem we always had when we had leave. Not enough time to enjoy the tree, etc. While David was in the Marines we always had almost a month of leave at the time of Christmas, meaning we put our tree up, left, came back, and then had to take it down. It's not going to be so much like that this year, but with us being gone for over a week, it takes time away for us. I'm sure once New Years hits, or even before, I'll be ready for everything to come down though. But, back to reality, it's Halloween this week and trick or treating tonight. So today we're going to spend a little bit of time putting a few more decorations up outside that normally aren't out (the ones that aren't weather friendly). We may even take the dogs somewhere, so they can wear their costumes. I still have to make a list for things to take to Chicago. Believe it or not, it's here. And as always I must be ready way ahead of schedule. I've already got things mapped out and ready to go in that area. I better get to my daily cleaning ritual before David gets up. Hope everyone has a great fall-filled day!

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