Sunday, October 01, 2006

New Project

Hello Everyone. As the weekend comes to a close it's now time for me to sit down and chill for a moment. Friday night was quite uneventful as we just bummed around, got some grocery shopping done, and got to bed at a decent time since we both had to work on Saturday. Work went fine. After hours I went with one of the doctor's to perform a home euthanasia for one of our good clients. As the baby grand piano played itself in the background, the wonderful boy slowly drifted to sleep. I'm sure Toto was there to greet him because about 1 minute into the procedure the piano began to play a slightly upbeat tune. I could just see them dancing up there. Call me crazy, but I know I'll see them both again....someday. We then came back to the clinic to find an "emergency". Yes, we had already closed for the day but one of our clients called Doc and we just happened to arrive all at once. So the day ended up being slightly longer than expected but I don't mind. I got to be there for the animals that needed me, and of course I do not mind overtime. It was a rainy almost the entire day so once again it was just a bumming sort of day. The OSU game didn't come on until late, so we weren't that productive. After dinner we decided to stop at Meijer and get a few pumpkins, and call David's 'rents to see if they'd like to come over for the game and to paint the pumpkins. It's too early to carve, so we sat around watching the game and painted our pumpkins. A good, peaceful night. We slept in today and then I got up and made some cookies for our dinner tonight. Mom and I did our usual thing at the mall during the football game. Afterwards mom brought up the idea of going out and taking pictures. So that's what we did. I've decided that I'd like to start taking pictures of churches in the area. So she hauled me around as I jumped out of the car to snap shots. I had fun, and I hope mom did too. Thanks mom! I'm not sure exactly where I'm going with taking all these pictures. Do I want to do ALL of the churches in Sandusky, or mainly just the older ones??? I dunno. We'll have to see. I'm sure this "project" will take several weeks. However, you can see one of my shots below from today. After finishing up running around, we had our new weekly dinner tradition. Spaghetti, homemade meatballs (courtesy of Sita), Cedar Villa dressing, salad, and italian bread. Yum! And as always we had a good time. Hope everyone else had good weekends!


Jan said...

This shot has got to be an award winner. Do yourself a favor and enter it into a photography contest. You will surprise yourself.

Daleen said...

Beautiful photo, Heidi! Can't wait to see more. How is the lag time on the new camera? Those grandkids just won't wait til my camea is ready.
Aunt D

Anonymous said...

Hi Heidi ,
The picture is beautiful.As I've said before you are one amazing person.Is there anything you can't do ?Just keep being you and keep loving life.I still think you should write a book.I would be the first one in line to buy it.Take care and even though we've never met I know everyone that has ever met you will never forget you.
Your blogger friend .
Linda P.

David and Heidi said...

The shutter lag's ok. Not the worst I've seen but not the best. It seems as though with most digital cameras that's their downfall. I mainly made my choice because of zoom. It has 10X optical zoom plus even more digital zoom. What I did is went to as many stores as I could and tried them all out. It was kind of a pain because they're all hooked up to security monitors but most don't have the batteries in them (with the new battery packs they use each one needs a specific charger, so the universal chargers through the security attachments don't work anymore). But anyway, if you can find a worker to help you, just try them all out. Then I came home and searched for reviews, especially on the ones I liked. has some decent reviews. Hope this helps!