Sunday, October 29, 2006

There's A Reason We Don't Keep Candy In The House

We had a great day. We ended up getting the pups all dressed up and took them out to Osborne Park for the Dog Halloween Party. They had a costume contest. Not really knowing what to expect, we just entered Viking. He ended up winning 3rd place for scariest costume. Ha! Ha! Too cute. He got his picture taken and had to walk in a big circle so everyone could see him. And he got a goody bag filled with treats and a toy. There was even a ribbon attached. Of course he shared with his sister. We then stopped by Petco and Pet Supplies Plus. I definitely miss being able to take them out as much as we did in New Orleans, or even Michigan for that matter. It's not very pet friendly around here and when you only have 1-2 places to go, it goes pretty fast when you take them out. I posted some pictures on Flickr, so make sure you check them out. Tonight we had trick or treating. That was fun. Not as busy as we expected, but it was steady. And I think people appreciated our decorating, at least our older neighbors did anyway. I think a few want to kick their decorating up a notch next year. That'd be fun. It's just not the same as back in the day. I remember going to Aunt Cindy and Uncle Kyle's on central ave and even waiting in like to get candy. They weren't huge lines, but still, the street seemed packed. Of course I was young at the time and everything feels huge when you're young. But that's one of those fond memories that sticks out in my head. Ewwww, I had too much candy while we were waiting for kids to come around. There's definitely a reason why we don't keep candy in the house. I'd eat it! And David was guilty too. As I sit here I can just feel it in my stomach. Yuck! And I hate to say it but we still have a good amount left over....great....ah well. Since it was our first year here we didn't know what to expect. Now we know. Tomorrow's Monday Night Football with the Vikes, so the Henrys will be here to help us cheer them on. Hope everyone has a wonderful beginning to their weeks.

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Jan said...

I know someone that will help you eat up the candy. ;)