Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Just to fill you in on all that happened yesterday.....I went to work, and my coworker wasn't mad at me. She was actually glad I showed up. And she didn't get called away to her child. The morning wasn't too bad and more than likely she could've handled it. But as expected when surgeries hit it was a good thing I had decided to come in. I could only have imagined how long it would've taken for them to have them completed. The office manager thanked me for coming in, the doctor didn't even remember he had told me to take the day off. Say what? So I sat up worried all night.....However I did plant the seed about Friday and Doc said, "how about monday" Boo, I'd rather have friday off. Of course the office manager and doctor disagreed again and the office manager said I could take it off as long as the schedule looks light. And this time I'm going to follow the office manager's advice! So as always, it's a wait and see. I don't know if I proved my integrity to the doctor. And I'm not really sure about the office manager either. I think I have already proved myself in the past so it wasn't that big of a surprise that I showed up. And I must say they still tend to notice the little things I do that I don't even think anything of...and they acknowledge me for them. I know my other coworkers appreciated it. And my heart and mind definitely appreciated took a load off. Thanks for all of your words of advice. Love to you all!


Anonymous said...

Today is my "catch up on your blog day." You are a very conscientous young lady. I am very proud of you. Remember God's promises. He'll bless you according to your deeds!

Cassie said...

Heid, do you ever have troubles posting comments (or even readying other's comments) on Erika's blog? I've run into that problem a couple of times now and don't have that issue with anyone else's blog?

David and Heidi said...

What type of problems are you having? Actually viewing the comments or not being able to post? If you can't view the comments, then you probably have a pop-up blocker on. Hers doesn't open in the same window, it opens a totally different one just for the comments. So you have to turn off any pop-blockers in order for it to open. But actually posting, no I haven't had any problems thus far. There was one time that I posted and it posted my comment twice. That was actually on my own blog when I was responding to a question and I'm not sure what happened. Probably a glitch. Let me know.