Sunday, October 08, 2006

Ride On!

So you're probably wondering if we had fun at CP. I don't think I've ever had so much fun feeling as though I wanted to vomit. And I've never heard my husband scream like a girl before. But it was SO freakin' fun. I didn't even have time to take pictures. We started out with the Iron Dragon thinking, "this is a good starter" and it was. Then David said, "man, I wish we could go on millenium force." (We've never been on it and we haven't been on any big rides in at least a few years. Not to mention David doesn't do to well with motion sickness, etc). So I said, "well, it's now or never because next year we're going to be one year older and it will be even harder for us to try to get ourselves on it." So we did it (of course after David took some Dramamine). Oh my gosh. As we entered the platform I could feel my heart coming out of my chest. And then as we headed up the hill....ooh my head was spinning in circles. I don't think I've ever called out to Jesus more in my life. And then we went......Wooooooo! It was awesome. Man, I was pumping my fists in the air and all. Sweet. I so wanted to ride again. We continued on and did a few other of the usual rides and that evening stopped by the Skyhawk. I think this ride is every kid's dream when they're know how you try to swing higher and higher. It was a great ride. I just wish it was a bit longer. And I have to say my anxiety wasn't too bad before I got on. We headed back to the front going through the Fright Zone on Frontier Trail. I've never seen the trail as busy as it was. It was almost wall to wall people. They did a very good job of scaring people and the atmosphere. With all the fog and the type of lighting it's pretty freaky. Let's just say I hid my head in David's arm almost the entire walk. But it was a're thinking you have it figured out where the people are, and then all of the sudden they're in front of you! Ahhh! Then we ended with the Dragster. Just like Millenium, it's kind of like do it now, or never. You only live once, right? Once again, the anxiety took over and I couldn't believe I was getting on this thing. The take off is definitely the big to do with the ride. It's amazing how fast it goes. The view from the top is great too, even though you're only there for a second or two. The fall wasn't such a big deal as I thought it was going to be. I don't even remember having a weightless feeling. But that could be because it went so fast! It's amazing how "out of shape" you become with thrills. It's like I had to program myself all over again, since it had been so long. I used to ride the rides day in and day out with no problem. But after getting on them, I know I could keep going now. I wish we had the money for passes, ah well. So all in all it was a great day. We even got to play our skee ball that we love. And I've decided if I'm ever rich I'm gonna have skee ball in my house. I even got David on my favorite ride as a kid....Troika. He'll never go on it again, but at least I got him on it once. The waits for the rides weren't horrible, however, you waited for everything....even rides you usually don't wait for, including Gemini. And the we got our beloved food. That took forever too since everyone working was a volunteer. But well worth the wait. I just looked at it as though it was a warm up for going to Disney. I am more excited than ever. I don't see how I can get more excited, but I'm sure I'll convince myself otherwise. Today mom and I did go to the Harvest For Antiques in Birmingham. We had a great time, even though mom was feeling under the weather. I got some yard work done too. And our family dinner went well as usual. Hope everyone has a great start to their week. Hope you feel better mom!


Anonymous said...

Hi Heidi,
I knew you would have a good time at Cedar Point.There's no way I could handle any of those rides.I used to spend the whole day riding every ride they had but my stomache can't handle it now .So did you play any games to win prizes?.I can picture you walking around with the biggest stuffed animal they had .If not you can go back next year and ride the rides and have David win one for you .
Keep smiling and take care.
Linda P.

Anonymous said...

I laughed so hard thinking about you two and your fun day. I'm so visual. I imagined David screaming and you pumping your fists and the little kid you told me about saying, "touch me...touch me!!! wahhahhahha! Oh man. I woke up this morning laughing about The Boy and something he said yesterday. (too long to explain.) Anyway it was too funny, I'll email you.
This will have to be tradition #2 as an anniversay gift for you. The first being our crazy canoe escapade !!! ;-)

David and Heidi said...

Hi Linda, no, we didn't win any prizes. If it was David's choice he'd keep trying to win the biggest stuffed animal he could find. But we just like to play for tickets and then give them to a family we find that looks like they'd appreciate them. So that's what we did. Talk to you later!