Thursday, October 26, 2006

I Have That Yucky Feeling

I must say I feel kind of crummy right now. Yesterday I woke up with a weird throat feel. Not really sore, but just not right. Then last night I was achy. This morning I just feel weird. Nose is a little more stuffed and I still feel achy. I'm using the Zicam in hopes that it lessens the time of whatever I have. Because don't you know I'm going to Chicago in a week. This cold will not stop me! I had the day off yesterday but needless to say it didn't feel as though I did. I had a list of things to do and hardly got anything done. It was time to take 2 exams for my classes. And each exam had two parts. They are timed but the good thing about them is you can retake them. And in the past I’d do well, but I’d always retake them to get a new bank of questions and to try getting as best of grade as I could on them. Well, this time was no different, with the exception that I felt as though I didn’t know any of the answers! So I kept taking them, saving the text to Word (for future reference), and then retaking them. However, at this point I was just hoping for a passing grade. Say what? Yeah, I don’t know if what they’re teaching isn’t matching up or if I’m just not absorbing what I’m learning. Not to mention as stated in a previous post, I’m “learning” things that I will NEVER use again. Things that doctors usually are learning in school. Whatever, I took them and it’s over with. At least those exams. Thank God I can retake them as many times as I want. It just took me an entire day! Last night I tried posting of Blogger but it said the site was under maintenance. And this morning I could sign in but when I went to post it said that it was not connected with Blogger. So I don’t know what’s up. But right now I’m typing in Word and then plan on transferring it to the site. Hopefully that works. We’re getting involved in this group that trying to better our community, especially our neighborhood. So last night we had our second meeting for that. I feel as though it’s going to be a long process, especially to get fire under other people’s butts. But I think at the same time, it’s worth it. According to city officials we’re located on what used to be know as the McKelvey Plat. So we’re trying to go off of that. We’re thinking of small ideas that could possibly lead to bigger ideas to make us a more connected and possibly more picturesque neighborhood. As stated, we need to get more people involved. But our ideas to begin with are….starting a form of “honey do” list and then individuals in the area can help each other, since everyone has different sets of skills. Kind of like forming more camaraderie. And having monthly meetings to get more people involved. And then to take the neighborhood farther, apply for a grant through the city to install special street signs in the area of the plat so it’s distinguishable to everyone, building a sign for when you enter the neighborhood, plaques for everyone’s house, spray painting everyone’s address on the curb/sidewalk, trying to get the city involved in taking some of our huge trees down that mess up the sidewalks, and then replant smaller ones that could all possibly be decorated for the holidays. So ideas such as that. Anyone have any other ideas? But with anything, we must start somewhere, which is where we are. We brought up the idea of starting a form of a website and I threw my name out there to help. They seemed up for it, so I think I’m going to build another blog and go from there. I figured it’s free, and it will definitely suffice for what we need right now. Hopefully it would help get everyone on the same page and let everyone know what’s going on with pics and stuff. Anyway, when I get that up and running I’ll get ya’ll to check it out. I better continue getting ready for work.. Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

Hope you are starting to feel better. You have got to be well before the chicago trip. Take good care of yourself. Grandma Q

Jan said...

I ditto what Grandma said. Just try to take it easy for the next week and hopefully you can throw this thing off. Love ya.