Monday, February 26, 2007

Girl Scout Cookie Time

I have a few minutes before heading to work. This weekend went fine. David was still on call so we couldn't go far. But we had fun with our little bit of time off. We went to Max and Erma's for dinner on Friday. We had a coupon for $5 off, so we figured we'd use it. They have one of those things going on, just like everywhere else, where you can choose an appetizer, entree, and dessert for one price. Since we figured we could splurge a bit we each got a 3 course dinner only to find out that the coupon couldn't be used with that type of promotion. I was just a bit peeved but it wasn't worth spoiling a good dinner with my husband. But FYI, if you try to use it, you can't...there was fine print, but it stated that it couldn't be used on daily specials. was a good meal and I got to spend some time with David. And we walked out feeling fat and happy. We went to Sears to pick up a weekly tool for David. That's what we've been doing. He gets a tool a week in order to build his inventory. Then we stopped at PacSun and we got some deals! They had 50% off their clearance and sunglasses for $6.99. So David got two pairs of shorts, a hat, and a pair of sunglasses for $23. Not bad, eh? And what was even better...we knew the shorts were on sale but we didn't know they were an additional 50% off until we checked out. Sweet. We made a few more stops and then headed home. Saturday, Saturday...what did we do Saturday? I can't remember much...must not have really done anything. Oh yeah, David received a call for work so we had to take care of that. And I got my first ice cream of the season from Dairy Queen. Obviously it wasn't my first ice cream of the was our first trip to Dairy Queen. Went to dinner at Cedar Villa with the 'rents and then spent the night playing cards with our neighbors up the street. I hadn't played cards since I was probably in 6th grade, in the hospital, when Grandma R taught me how to play rummy. For real. But we had a joyous time and learned how to play Contract Rummy. And guess what? I won. I'm serious. So that was even better. Oh yeah, we got our Girl Scout cookies from Cass on Saturday. Yum Yum in the tum tum. Needless to say I'm already down a box. The Thin Mints didn't even make it to the freezer before they were opened. What is better than Girl Scout cookies?? Okay, there are some things, but you have to admit they are pretty good. Sunday was spent bumming around as usual. Got grocery shopping done and things like that. I ended up having kennel duty by default so I had to stop into work a few times to let a dog out and then we chilled the rest of the day...really it was quite a lazy day. That is all the time I have for now...Have a beautiful day no matter where you are.

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2welschenbachs said...

I love girlscout cookies!!!!

thanks for checking out my blog...did you see i actually did one!!
yea for me!