Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Snow, Snow When Are You Falling...

Okay, so who's going to have the most accurate winter storm forecast? It's is 6:59am and there's not much snow on the ground. I'm sure I'll be thinking, "you get what you ask for." later as a foot of snow falls. Nah, I don't know if we'll get that much. According to weather.com we should have accumulation of 8-12 inches of snow by tomorrow. And snow was supposed to start early this morning. As stated, there's not much snow, but boy do you hear the wind. Surprisingly all the schools in the area are already cancelled. I swear, when I was in school a blizzard had to occur in order to not have school. They've cancelled it about 3 times within the past 2 weeks. The first two times it was too cold and then with the impending storm that is to hit today I guess they didn't want to take any risks. Whatever. This is how I think it will all go down today. We'll be seeing clients and then all the sudden the snow will hit, people will start to cancel appointments and then our owner's will plan to close, but one person has to stay to man the phones. And guess who that one person will be? Yep, if you guessed me, that's right. I live the shortest distance away and don't have any kids. I also have the smallest car....haha. A visual just went through my head of me driving my little Aveo has the wind tries to blow me off the road. I guess it's really not that funny, but it made me smile. We'll have to see. We have a pool at work to see who will be the closest to the amount of actual snowfall. I got dibs on 7 inches. Then one of my coworkers thinks it's going to be a bluff and only have 3.25 inches as her bet. Only time will tell. I'll tell you this though, I will be wearing my big honking snow boots to work and changing into my Crocs when I arrive. Yep, just like what you did in elementary school. Ah, remember those days? When you'd wear a skirt to school with sweatpants underneath it to keep warm. My question is this...why the heck was I wearing a skirt in the winter? That's just crazy. Or the days when you'd feel like Randy from A Christmas Story, where you could hardly move in your overall snowpants, boots, and gear. It's amazing that you could even move when you're that bundled up. All I remember was it was pretty hard, but I had the coolest snowboots that would change color when they got cold. Yep, the Freaky Freezies. I loved them and thought they were so cool. And what about the feeling of your snow boots feeling like they're never on tight enough. Ok, maybe that's just me...but I always use the velcro around the ankle/calf area but my feet have so much room and when you walk you don't want to pick up your feet too much because they may just fall off. Or when you're in deep snow and you lift your foot up to find that you only lifted your foot up and not the boot too, leaving the boot deep down in the snow. How about when you're sledding and fall off the sled, or get snow down your neck of your jacket, or when you go face first into some snow, freezing and scratching your face up at the same time. I kind of see it like a slip and slide. You're all excited to do it. And then when it happens you run, slide, and go bump bump bump bump over the not so smooth ground, causing all of these bruises, but hey it's fun, and you go back for another slide. Ah, at first I saw these as fond memories, but looking back reading this after I have written it, maybe they're not so fond and that's why I tend to stay inside. But I sure realized how I stayed fit when I was younger....having fun was hard work. Hope ya'll enjoy any snow. And for you in the non-snow states, don't you wish you were here? Okay, maybe not.


lyndag said...

I have been looking for the music to the song you have quoted here and cannot find them ANYWHERE! Can you help?

Heidi said...

Hope This Helps:
I didn't repeat lyrics that happen throughout....

Snow, Snow, Snow Snow
Snow, Snow, Snow, Snow

Continue Snow, Snow…..
Snow Snow When Are You Falling
Snow Snow None Of Your Stalling

Autumn’s Gone And Winter’s Here
It’s Just About The Time Of The Year
You Know….
For A Beautiful Snow

Men: Snow, Snow….
Fall Fall Quiet And Pretty
Fall All Over The City

Cover Every Country Lane
A Month Ago You Might Have Been Rain
But Oh, Be A Beautiful Snow

I’ve Got A Lot Of Jingle Bells
From Last Summer’s Carousels
And I’ve Got A Friend Who’ll Lend Me A Sleigh
All That I Need Is A Blanket Of White
Baby And I Will Go Riding Tonight
Cuddling, Huddling, Keeping The Frost Away

Continue Snow, Snow…..
Snow Snow When Are You Falling
Snow Snow None Of Your Stalling

No One’s Going To Mind The Cold
And Everywhere The Young And The Old
Will Know, For Your Heavenly Show
Come On And Snow Snow, Beautiful Wonderful Snow


There’s A Chill In The Air Tonight
And The Snow Will Be Soft And White


Will Go For Your Heavenly Show
Come On And Snow Snow
Snow Snow
Now Is The Time For A Beautiful Wonderful
Snow, Snow, Snow, Snow, Snooow Snooooooowwww!

Heidi said...

As for the actual music, I have no idea. Sorry!

The Southern Mint Julep said...

Thank you SOOOO much for posting this song. My vocal music teacher used to have us sing this song as winter approached and we "might" have snow. We don't get a lot of snow in Memphis, TN unfortunately. I adore snow though. Have a fun winter with lots of snow.