Sunday, February 04, 2007

It's Not The Number That Matters, It's If The Pants Fit

Hey all! Just waiting for the guys to finish watching the Super Bowl aftershow. So here I am. I had a productive weekend. On Friday night we spent some time with Sita and Alpa and surprised Alpa for his birthday, by stopping by with everything to make sundaes. Whip cream, cherries, Reese name it, we got it. I worked on Saturday. Due to the boss being out of town we didn't have any appointments which left me up front at the desk...meaning I got a few weeks of work done for school. Good to go. In the afternoon we braved the frigid weather for the best carmel apples in the world. They are at Kalahari and are SO good. When David worked there for a short time he would bring me one home. They are huge and they come with almost anything you'd want on them. I like the one with sprinkles. Anyway, it was cold. There were white out type of conditions outside due to the amount of blowing snow and being out in the middle of no where with all the wide open land. If you've ever been there the parking is very far from the building and you have to cross a bridge. I guess that's the way they get you to use the valet parking. But we made it inside and it was worth it. And a bonus, Alpa was participating in a Poker Tournament for charity out at the convention center, so we stopped by and saw him. Then we bummed around the rest of the day. I worked on making DVDS, with Pinnacle, of all of our recent family movies in the evening. It's fun when you get the hang of it and as usual I get addicted to stuff like that. I transfered Allysen's delivery video from my camcorder that mom took throughout the day. I hope to crop it sometime this week and get some footage online so you all can see her. It's not as good as seeing her in person, but better than stills. On Sunday we ate brunch at Chet and Matt's with the 'rents. They have the buffet and I must say I was quite surpised at how good it was. It's definitely a repeater. We stopped by to see Allysen, Kara, and Tara and to delivery some baby goodies and the DVD. She is so small, you wouldn't believe. And so perfect at the same time. Mom made Aunt Bernie's candy and chili this weekend. Double yum. Aunt Bernie's candy is kind of like a taffy and carmel at the same time. It's a one of a kind thing and so addicting. We'll have the chili tomorrow night for dinner...I don't think the candy will make it that long though. Speaking of all this food, believe it or not I'm still trying to whittle down my waist and am succeeding thus far. Mainly with watching what I eat, how much, and doing crunches, etc. I feel this weekend was almost a free for all, but even though I didn't eat very nutritious foods, I didn't eat that much. And Sita got me hooked on something. She got this thing called a Sports Hoop. It's a weighted hula hoop and I'm digging it. You work from 3-5 minutes to start all the way up to 10 minutes after doing it for a few weeks. And boy, do you feel it. Since we've seen David's parents the past 3 days I've been able to use it. It hurts a bit because your waist has to get used to the weight (and you feel bruised) but I'm sure it will be worth it. This evening I broke down and purchased one on the internet and hope to get it ASAP. I'm not one of those kinds of people that buy into those type of infomercial type things, but it's a little more "enjoyable" than doing crunches or leg lifts. If you can call exercise enjoyable. It's kind of like doing belly dancing and how that works to slim you down. You feel it in the abs, butt, and can even feel it in your arms. It works on cardio too. Let me tell you by the end you're breathing pretty hard and have a decent sweat. But it's not the kind where I feel I can't go on, like when I run. But I'm hoping for it to take the place of my crunches or I can do both. Since starting to watch what I've been eating, etc. I've lost about 5 lbs in the past 2 weeks. Not too bad. But as I tell clients with overweight dogs, it's not the number that matters, it's if the pants fit. I'll keep you posted.

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Jan said...

You are going to have to let me try it. I probably won't be able to walk the next day, but I'll give it a shot.