Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Snow Day

Actually it's not even that snowy, more blustery than anything, but you get what I mean. It's 1:34pm and I am home after our boss closed the clinic and sent us all home. As I said, the snow isn't that bad, it's the drifting and the wind. We had to shovel our cars out at work just to make sure we wouldn't get stuck. That was tons of fun. But I'm proud of my little Aveo. It handled quite nicely and didn't get stuck. I actually feel safer in it than I did in my Explorer. When I got home there were just a few drifts, not too bad. So I figured I'd might as well clear as much as I could since I was all bundled up. I'm sure I'll find myself out there in a few hours doing it again. I spoke to David at 9am and he had made it up to North Ridgeville (he's up there doing some training for his new position) but said that the snow had just started. I have tried calling him twice since to let him know I was heading home and there was no answer. I figured he was driving and I'd rather him be safe and focus that try to talk to me. So...I hope he makes it home safe and sound. You know, I think I may just have to chill today. I have tomorrow off so I can push school work off til then. Hey, I'm actually finished with all of my Animal Nursing class assignments, with the exception of performing normal day to day tasks that I have to have my preceptor sign off on. I don't think that's bad considering I'm only in my 4th week and I have all 12 weeks of assignments done. Rock on....now Speech....tomorrow....

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