Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Snow Has Arrived

Everyone got home safe last night. David's work van ended up freezing up on him while he was on Route 2. We're talkin' no brakes, not being able to steer, or anything. So he coasted to a stop and called his supervisor for assistance. They called to have it towed and his supervisor brought him home. In the meantime his supervisor got his car stuck outside the front of our house. With the assistance of a guy that came out of the blue and David, they got it loose. It's amazing how people come together in a time of need, isn't it? Mom was working over and it took her awhile to get to her car from the inside of the plant. It's not that it's a long distance but the wind mixed with snow burns your face and then she had to bust open he doors and kick her driver side door open. She ended up pulling forward out of the parking spot as the drift behind her car was up to the trunk of her Sunfire. She said it was the worse driving conditions she had ever driven in. The amount of snow isn't as bad as the blizzard in the 70's but the wind and visibility were much worse according to her. As usual, the pictures don't do justice. Luckily I already have today off since that's how my schedule falls. David wasn't so lucky. But when he got up he called in to see if anyone was there. At 6am only 3 people had arrived and 2 trucks were already stuck in the parking lot. Obviously David stayed home. It looks like most of the blowing has ceased and we'll be heading out to start shoveling here soon.

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