Friday, February 15, 2008

All Ready To Go

Okay, I think I'm all set and ready to have the party. Of course I shouldn't have had much to clean considering I'm always cleaning, but you know in my mind there's always something to clean or organized. I'll do a few more things within the next couple of hours but all of the "big" stuff is down. I'm excited. It's nothing all that special but we've never truly opened our house and entertained per se (with the exception of the 'rents), so this should be interesting. Hopefully it will be a fun-filled night with a ton 'o laughs.

I can't stay up all that late tonight. Erika, KD, and the kids will be in town due to birthday parties so I'm meeting up with her bright and early in the morning to get a long run in. I hope my knee holds up, as I've been having some issues. But we shouldn't be hauling butt or anything, just getting in the miles, which makes me feel more comfortable. I'm always worried about holding her back. She's so understanding which I appreciate more than she knows. I'm also glad that she allows me to tag along with her when she comes into town. It helps to pass the time. When you're out on the road for 1+ hours or more it can get kind of lonely, even with music. Don't get me wrong, I love it, taking it all in, but it's nice to have someone once in awhile.

We got some good news yesterday. It looks like the adult education program at SHS will be having a boilers license class. That's awesome considering David was planning on going to LCCC, 40 minutes away, to take the class. Not only will it be less driving but it's also a little less expensive. Not much, but a little adds up. We'll save a ton in gas money alone. Thankfully he stopped by the school a few weeks back and showed interest. The teacher said if David could find a certain number of people to take the class they'd set a date. David passed on the information to others without much luck, however some other people must be interested, as the teacher contacted him to let him know the class was going to be available. At least David got his name out there and showed interest, which possibly spurred them having the class. So he enrolled today and they'll start classes the last week of this month.

Happy Friday everyone!

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