Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Almost There

Within the past week I feel as though I've jumped leaps and bounds with my schoolwork. Heck, within the past 24 hours even. As I updated you last week, I've gotten my assignments done. Now, with yesterday's "easy" work schedule and the help of mom I recorded my entire video. I thought that I'd slowly transfer the video throughout the week and have it completed sometime next week. Once again, I had sufficient down time last night so I took advantage of it and transferred all of the video. By the time it was time for bed I had it edited in the correct order and ready to record. Given that recording time usually takes awhile I set everything up, hit record, and headed to bed. When I got up the recording was complete. So at this point all I have to do is check the video to see if it's viewable and send it off to the school. Whew. I still have to have my remaining assignments signed by Doc, scanned and sent, and also take all the rest of my quizzes and exams, but that's a huge load off of my shoulders. Thanks again mom! Now I think I can take a deep breath and enjoy myself for a few moments.


Justin said...

WOW...good job, Heidi. Tasks always seem monumental until you just dive into them. The hardest part is starting them. I am the same way with school work and house projects, as soon as you start it seems to flow alot easier.

Jan said...

I'm glad I could be of assistance. You did a great job other than cats having "puppies".;)
I knew you would get it done and do an excellent job.

Anonymous said...

Kudos Baby ---
You probably feel pounds lighter without that load on your shoulders! I admire your drive.

Thank you Momma Jan for all you do!

Love you two...I love you all,

p.s. Miss you Justin & Cassie