Tuesday, February 19, 2008

You're Not Supposed To Swallow It?

Yeah. So I was sent home from work today. It's the first time I've ever been sent home from work. Any other place I've worked I'd force myself through the day or beg to be sent home. It's kind of weird. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind. I do feel like poo still. I'm still having the, "I feel fine," for a time, then the, "Whew. I feel sick," moments. Basically the office manager doesn't want me passing this crap back to anyone at work. Hopefully once I'm done we'll all be done with it. Of course there's still the new girl. It looks like she's coming down with something as we speak. I'm sure she'll be next. The question is, how severe? Thankfully I have a buttload of sick time. Like 40+ hours worth. We don't lose or cash out our time at the end of the year and since I've never needed a sick day they just pile up. I may have even maxed out on the time I can save up. I'll use a few hours every so often just for random things but have never used it for actual sick time, that I can remember. Of course I worry about unknown future events when I may need the time so I'm always scared to dip into my excess sick leave. My boss knows this so she let me know that if something were to happen and I didn't have enough sick leave she'd loan it to me....given that she knows I'd have no problem replenishing them. It's kind of like the toilet paper thing. I'd rather stock up and have an overabundance then run out. That leaves me feeling uneasy. I'll deal with it and just "enjoy" my moments of downtime even if I am sick. I'll also remember to be thankful that I have an employer that allows me to use my sick time and not feel bad about it.....heck, they were pushing me out the door.

Something I forgot to blog about the other day....With everyone being sick I've had the unfortunate experience of dealing with OTC medications. Personally I haven't taken anything other than Chloraseptic spray during the current situation. But having not used it in awhile I read the directions. It says to spray and leave in place for 15 seconds then spit it out. Spit it out?! I thought you just swallowed the stuff. You mean to tell me I've been using this stuff wrong for almost 25 years? Ah well. You learn something new everyday.

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Jan said...

HUH, I always swallow, too. How can it soothe your throat if ya spit it out?