Monday, February 11, 2008

It's Come

For the last couple of weeks one by one my coworkers have been getting sick. Originally it was thought to be food poisoning due to vomiting and diarrhea. However, after the 3rd person was dealing with the same exact symptoms we then realized, "We must be dealing with a rotavirus-type thing." According to a friend of Doc's, who's also a doctor at the local hospital, this is something that's been traveling around the area, so it's no surprise that one after the other was contracting it at work. Everyone with the exception of me and the new girl (we hired a new technician last week! Yes!) has had the symptoms. As I stated, it's slowly being passed around and last week took a toll with at least 1 person being out of work sick each day. Although I've been adamant about washing my hands, keeping my distance, and using my own pen, etc., I thought I'd be the next one to be dealing with it. Not so. Last night after David's 'rents left he started to deteriorate fast. Aching, nose was stuffy, coughing. He was up almost all night with the chills. I let him sleep another 1/2 hour this morning after I awoke. I came downstairs to find that he dug into the Vitamin Water. He's big on hydration as is, when you add something like this, he's a crazy drinker. When I went to check on him I came to found out he's also been battling diarrhea all night. Uh oh. The rotavirus has hit home. I gave him another Vitamin Water and left him to let him sleep this thing off for the rest of the day. I only work a half day today due to us not being open (Doc's out of town), so I'll be back around noon to see how he's doing. Looking at the trail this thing has left, everyone's major symptoms lasted about 1-2 days but the residual feeling of crap lasted a good 5 days or so. We shall see what happens. Not that I want anyone to deal with this but I definitely hope I steer clear. Famous last words, eh? Let's keep our fingers crossed!

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