Wednesday, February 06, 2008

King Cake....

I totally missed a post yesterday for Mardi Gras. No big surprise, but I was a little busy. So, Happy Mardi Gras! I hope you and yours had a bit of king cake. Thankfully mom ordered one for them and shared with us. Yum! I think I've been on a sugar high since Saturday. Saturday we had Alpa's cake, Sunday night Sita and I went out to Kalahari's Candy Hut and I had a chocolate covered banana, Monday consisted of a piece of Coldstone Creamery cake for a coworkers birthday AND a piece of king cake. Even though I compensated my other meals to fit the sweets in, by late Monday night my stomach turned sour. Too much sugar. I think my body was going into shock. It's not like I've cut out sugar entirely from my diet. Ya'll know I love my treats, but one thing after another in decent sized portions probably isn't a good idea. Not only that but we also had left over Coldstone Cake (my coworker didn't want to take it home and you know I wasn't going to let it go to waste!) and king cake. That's not exactly a no fail environment, eh? And after you eat it you feel like a lard. Thankfully I was able to get out and run last night. It was pouring down rain but I didn't care. I had to work off some of that sugary sweetness that's been building up.

In school news, I've completed all assignments. Thank God. I'm currently in week 4 of my class schedule. I'm sure some of you are saying, "Why the heck did you kill yourself over getting all your assignments done? You had 12 weeks to do them and you did it in 4." Yeah, I hear you, but let me explain. For some stupid reason my professors/school have done stuff backwards. I have to submit my video by week 7, however, all of my assignments until the end of the semester are in regards to preparing for the video. basically I had to do them in order to prepare for the video. In addition to getting them done I can now focus on the video for the next 2-3 weeks to make it as best as I can. In the meantime I will continue to take my exams/quizzes and keep focused on keeping Doc up to date on signing off on all of my assignments, so I get them turned in on time. Trust me, even though I'm "ahead" there's always something else to be done. Even with all of this being said I still think this program is a good idea for someone looking to do distance education. I will say this definitely have to be disciplined to do so. I also probably wouldn't recommend taking 4 classes, which means you're going to school full time, while also trying to pull 47 hour weeks at work. Who wouldn't be exhausted?

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Mom said...

On top of the King Cake, I had two punczkis (sp?), yesterday.