Thursday, February 21, 2008

New Task

Alright, I'm up, moving, back to work. I'm thankful I'm feeling better. Still not 100% but darn close. Unfortunately my running has suffered this week. No surprise, but as usual I'm feeling guilty as all get out. I had actually planned to come home tonight and do 3-4 miles. However, upon stepping outside at 7pm, in the dark, the wind and cold went right through my body and all of the sudden my body realized I'm still getting over my funk. I was still talking myself into running but when I got home David backed my reasons for not running tonight.....the wind is blowing and it's dropped about 10 degrees, plus I can run tomorrow morning when it's light out. Of course 10 minutes later, as I'm digging into my salad David asked, "Did you hear we're supposed to get 2 inches of snow tonight?" I said, "WHAT?! I'm supposed to be running tomorrow morning, remember?" All I got was an, "Ohhhh.........." Ugh. We shall see what tomorrow holds. Obviously I won't meet my weekly goal of 10 miles. I accept that considering the cold outside and my own cold, but I'd atleast like a few miles to add to the tally.

With getting ahead in my school work and being home sick I've been finding things for myself to do. The presidential primaries have kept me quite busy. Politics are one of those things that I love and hate at the same time. As noted in previous posts, it's a place where I must tread lightly. If not, then I get deep into it...heart and soul, full out. Well, I think I've treaded too deep. Maybe not so much too deep, but deep enough to get interested, wanting to know more. I won't say it's a bad thing, but I can only hope that unlike other campaigns I've rooted for, this one pans out. Wishful thinking maybe? Dunno. Anyway, I've been researching each candidate. In addition, I've been comparing and contrasting their issues side by side through their own personal websites. Mainly reading and educating myself in regards to the issues in general and what it all means....then where each of them stand with the issues. I definitely feel better informed. I'll be honest in saying that I still don't feel confident in conversation when asked pointed questions in regards to the candidates, like where they stand, what they're experience is, etc. All I can do is keep reading and digest the information. It will come. I definitely have a favorite at this moment. I will also be honest that although I do agree with most issues, if not all, with the candidate I'm currently backing, it's more of just a "peace" I feel about them. It's an aura that's emitted or something. And with my own personal life experience I feel that says a lot. And it's not something I can deny. This election will only get more interesting as time moves on. I guess it's something you can either dread watching/listening to or embrace it, take it for what it's worth, and learn something new from it.

With that being said, something else has come to light in recent days. I feel like such a horrible American and quite embarassed saying this, but I don't know the order of previous United States Presidents. This is another task I have assigned to myself. Not only do I want to learn the order but I also want to refresh my mind on what each one is known for, etc. This is all something that I have been taught/told long ago, but obviously it never remained in my brain. Being such a history lover I don't know why this information has left my mind. I do know this though, it's something I can and want to change.

Since we're on the subject of tasks, I don't know if I ever filled you in on a task I set out for myself. We now have a recycle center up and running in our house now. I know I brought it up that I was planning on doing it and I had a temporary set up, but we now have a "true" system. Plastic sorter bins with trash bags, and the most important thing....they're being used! And what's even better, we're reusing bins that we already had in our possession. They were gift wrapping bins that we bought to store dog/cat food. After a year of use we didn't think they were our best option to keep the kid's food in (not air tight enough) so they were put into storage. Well, after brainstorming about the recycling idea they ended up coming in handy. How ironic, we're using recycled objects so that we can recycle. Ha.

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