Sunday, March 29, 2009

Foot Model?

I just happened to be doing a search on ebay for a new pair of sandals for David. We were looking for a specific style, as he already has a pair and loves them. After performing the search I found some and while looking at the picture thought that it looked very familiar. After further investigation I realized that it was most definitely one of the pictures I had taken of David's foot and posted to our Flickr account. Ha! Of course we could easily get upset and ask them to take it down but we don't really care. In all honesty we thought it was quite funny and had a good laugh. Who would've guessed....David, a foot model.

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Justin said...

JERRY: (Explaining) George has become a hand model.

KRAMER: A hand model?


KRAMER: (To George) Really? Let me look at them..

GEORGE: (Defensively) You can look at them, but do NOT touch them. (Holds them out. Kramer studies them)

KRAMER: Let's see.. oh, those are nice. You know, I've never noticed this before? They're smooth.. creamy.. delicate, yet (Turns to Jerry) masculine.