Tuesday, March 03, 2009

May Victory Be Yours

The past two days have been interesting at work. I'm not complaining by any means, it's just been a little tense with some challenging/interesting cases. Of course this was the week that I chose to kick myself into gear with focusing on what I eat and my running. I've been slowly slipping over the past several months and it's catching up to me. Not running as much as I want/should and definitely not watching what I'm eating. I decided on Sunday night I was going to start anew on Monday. Instead of running 3 days a week my target is to get back to a 5 day a week schedule. And no more munchies throughout the day.

Getting back to this schedule hasn't been encouraged by my past 2 days at work. They've been long and stressful. Then my legs were sore today for some reason. My body was telling me not to run, but I said, "forge on!" Next, I remembered I had a doctor's appointment after work, which made another speed bump along the way. And lastly, I got to the gym to find that the high school was having a basketball tournament. Actually, I knew they were having the tournament, but didn't know that they were planning on charging for parking. Now, I could have just paid, but considering I don't pay any other day, I wasn't going to the tournament, and I'd still have to park in BFE, I passed on paying. Thankfully David works at the school....after finding him we drove around the school to find an open, and free, parking spot, then he let me in another door given that he has a set of keys for the entire school. I entered the gym to find it dark and quiet. Ahhhh, that's what I like. Just me, my music, and the 'mill. As I stretched a new song on my playlist started pounding in my ears...."Jai Ho".....I was ready to go.

A couple weeks ago my mom watched Slumdog Millionaire. Ever since she has encouraged me to watch it. Really, I had no interest in it, but she drove me to watch it saying, "You got to see the last dance scene....." So David and I saw it last week. I won't go into details about the movie, but I will say it was worth the watch and I highly recommend for others to see it. And the dance scene....yep, mom was right, I loved it. After seeing it I had to get the music. Actually, all of the music from the movie is excellent. Totally eclectic and not necessarily something I'd regularly listen to, but I love it. Many of the songs were written/performed by A. R. Rahman, including my favorite, "Jai Ho." Of course I have no idea what they're singing given it's Hindi and Spanish, but after doing some research, according to Rahman, Jai Ho means "May Victory Be Yours." I find that very powerful and inspiring.

So as the music began pounding in my ears I couldn't help but think that even with roadblocks trying to prevent my going to gym today, whether mental or physical, victory was mine. I was at the gym, keeping my promise to myself. You'd be surprised what a little perseverance will do.

Video from Oprah's Oscar Party

Video Of The Dance

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