Monday, March 09, 2009

I Remember....

I just read my last entry from Saturday morning. Thinking back, I have no idea how the hell I wrote all of that...and surprisingly it made some sense. Today, Monday, is the first day I feel somewhat normal.

Replaying Friday in my head, things start to become clearer, but so much of the day was a blur, especially after my procedure. I have many "black spots." Here are some bits and pieces I remember.....

I remember being wheeled into surgery, talking with the anesthesiologist about what induction agents we use in animals, and seeing my x-ray on the viewer, but after that it was a blur.

I remember having a smile on my face waking up and wanting ice chips so bad, but they wouldn't give them to me.

I remember waking up from anesthesia and hearing the nurse talk to me saying, "those are your flowers over there, don't let me forget them...."

I remember talking to the nurse about my ekg and what normals are. Now, any normal person wouldn't care what their ekg said, but me, yep I wanted to know...I was watching the complexes, making sure they were normal and making sure my SPO2 levels were good.

I remember being wheeled to recovery 2, flowers in my hand, smiling, and waiting for medication to kick in. My medication kicked in, my mom arrived, and I was out for the count.

I woke up having to urinate very badly, had to walk to the bathroom and remember feeling the intense burn.

I remember getting in the car, getting home, and eating a frosty, but I don't remember waiting in the drive thru for the frosty.

I remember thanking Randy and Shannon for the flowers (you guys rock!).

I also remember calling my boss and speaking to him saying I was going to be in on Monday, but I have no idea what else I said. Talk about drunk dialing!

I remember eating a Weenie Hut baked potato and thinking it was the best thing ever. And even better, I kept it down.

I remember hearing mom and dad talk about things but it didn't register until a couple days later when they repeated themselves, and it rang a bell.

I remember being surrounded by love. My couldn't figure out how to use the camera to take pictures. It was set on video so she was able to take this short clip. Viking had jumped off of the couch for the moment, but all evening I had 4 of our 5 kids in my presence, guiding me through recovery. You can't say I live a lonely life, that's for sure.

I decided long ago that drugs weren't for me. Experiences like this seal the deal. I can't imagine how people go through their lives on drugs. It's crazy. Of course, I'm definitely a "lightweight" when it comes to side effects and potency but man oh man, they get me and get me good. Not only did the pain medications and sedative kick me in the ass, but my post-op meds have continued to do so too. 2 of the medications call for dizziness and blurred vision as possible side effects. Needless to say I was blessed with this possible side effect. So since surgery I haven't been able to read a thing. I've been going crazy. Can't read books, can't go on the computer, can't keep my eyes open to watch tv, I can't drive, and can't run. Not to mention I've been in my own little world and my body constantly wants to eliminate. Gah! I was finally able to go back to work today, but having limited eyesight hindered that a bit. After a quick call to the doctor he said I could get off the meds. My eyesight is getting better by the hour, but on the flip side a bit of discomfort has come. I'm not in pain, just a bit uncomfortable.

So where does that leave me? Well, Wednesday I go for a follow up. I highly doubt I'll have any info on my stone analysis then but we shall see. This may be a once in a lifetime thing, it may be a congenital thing, or it may be a diet thing. Only results and time will tell. I pray that I'll be able to get back to my normal lifestyle and self as soon as possible. If not I may just go crazy!



Glad to see your alive and well, We had no idea what was going on, We kept seeing updates on facebook, but didnt know what they were about... Regardless, Amy and I kept you in our prayers! Its good to see your still amongst the living!

Anonymous said...

I love how animals that know and love us know just what we need to get better. I often find that when I'm not feeling well and I lay down on the couch they all surround me like yours did in the video. The dogs get along with the cat which almost never happens in my house and they all just lay with me until I feel better. It's the sweetest most wonderful experience that unless you have a connection to animals can not be completely explained or understood. Glad you're feeling better. Much love to you. See you soon. Camie