Thursday, March 05, 2009


So, last night was eventful. I went to bed at my normal time, with the same pain I had all day. I woke up at 2am feeling fine, got up to do some business, then went back to bed. That's when the pain came back, again, with a vengeance. The most intense it's been. I must have been making enough noise because David rolled over to comfort me. Finally the intense pain subsided to the regular pain. I was able to get a few more hours of sleep, then 6am came and the whole thing started over again. I knew it was time to do something.

I laid there thinking, "do I wait to call the doctor? or go to the ER?" I figured, I'll have to wait longer for the doctor and he'll more than likely send me to the hospital anyway. So we got up and moving and headed to the ER. Once again, for those that know me, I absolutely hate going to the hospital. I don't have a problem with needles or pain, it's more the waiting and the cost that comes along with it. I don't even want to think about the cost.....That and what if something serious really isn't going on? I'd look like a total idiot going to the ER for gas.

We arrived and the ladies in reception looked at me, didn't say a word, and looked at me like I had 3 heads. I couldn't help but think, "Am I in the wrong place?" I was in the right place and thankfully got right in upon registering. Actually everything went quite smoothly. The nurse came and got me, I saw the doctor, he did an examination, they took blood, took urine (via catheter....yeah, that's a first and not fun). After a decent wait the results came back showing of my greatest fears. You can't help but think, "a\Am I a hypochondriac?" But I reminded myself, I knew something was wrong. I wouldn't be here if there wasn't. Even though my urine came back fine they were concerned about kidney stones. (which is a good possibility since mom has a history) So it was on to a cat scan and xray. Another long wait, and then my results came back.

Yep, that's my diagnosis. A partially obstructing kidney stone. They can only figure that I've been dehydrated, then running while dehydrated, which has lead to the problem. I know I don't drink enough and David is CONSTANTLY on me saying, "You need to drink more!" The thing is, I already urinate a ton and often. Anytime I add more fluids to the mix I'm literally in the bathroom every second of the day and sometimes I don't even think I can make it on time!

I've had this pain on and off for a couple years....this has been the most intense experience. I've been seen by the doctor for it before, but when time came for diagnostics (at a later date due to their scheduling) my symptoms were gone, so I'd always cancel. I'm wondering how many stones I've passed in the past or if the present little booger has been around a lot longer.

So, that's the deal. My current treatment plan is pain medication, lots of oral fluids, and straining my urine to collect anything. Fun times. Then I'll follow up with the urologist. I can only imagine what my bill will be, even with having insurance. Thankfully we no longer have the HSA! But that's a worry for a different day. Onward to hydration....


Mark Roth said...

Glad you went to the ER. Hope you start feeling better. Love ya, Dad

Monica said...

Boo. I am sorry about that! Hope you feel better soon!

Ande said...

Aww! That really sucks sis. Hope you feel better soon!!
P.s. I'm always peeing too so it must be a family thing (yay genetics!)