Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I've Got My Own Edward....His Name Is David

This post is a few days late....but better late than never.....

Most people know I'm a Twilight fan. Some may say I'm obsessed. Personally I don't think I am. I just appreciate the book and the movie. With that being said I was pumped for the release of the movie. I've seen it, but let's just say it wasn't that great of quality...I'll leave it at that. So, yeah, when they announced the DVD release I was thrilled. I had debated about pre-ordering it. I knew with pre-ordering it wouldn't arrive until a couple days later, and even then, it could be delayed. That, or take a chance and get it at the store. Either way, I had already waited, if I had to wait longer I think I could have handled it. After analyzing the situation, and with David's input, I decided against pre-ordering.

As the days grew closer I was receiving notifications of "Midnight Twilight Release Parties" I thought, "That'd be cool." At the same time I also thought, "That might be insane." I had never been to a midnight release of anything. I didn't think much of it until a day or two before the release when David brought up the idea of going to Borders for the release. He planted a seed. Up until the moment with left, the night of the release, I hadn't decided whether we should go. Actually, David almost had to push me out the door. He said, "It will be an adventure." I was the ho hum one thinking, "There aren't going to be any bracelets left (at Borders if you got a bracelet you got a DVD)," or "There's going to be a ton of people." Basically we missed the "party" that started at 10pm but were there with plenty of time for the release. We made our way to the counter, David asked if there were any bracelets left (yes, he even asked...not my scared self) and instead of getting a, "sorry we're out of bracelets," we got a, "Yes, we have bracelets. What's your name....." Yes!!! I got a bracelet. I got a bracelet. I hid my excitement well, but inside I was smiling.

We waited a bit, while all of the kids ran around the Borders store wreaking havoc, and the time came. I must admit I think they messed up with the actual release. I believe they were supposed to go in numerical order instead of just lining up randomly. But that's cool. Every DVD had a number on it, which lined up to each person's bracelet. By 12:15pm I had my DVD in hand, ready to call it a night.

Although receiving the DVD on the night of the release was special, I must say it wasn't the highlight. As I stood there waiting in line, I was thinking about the events of the night. Not only is David tolerant of me reading and watching the Twilight series, but he actual partakes in my joy. No, he hasn't read the book, but yes, he has watched the movie (twice) and he encouraged the idea of going to the release. This all after working a full day, getting off at 10:30pm, and standing in line with a bunch of awkward annoying tweens/teens. He was the only husband (that I could see) that attended the release. I may have been the oldest female there without a kid, standing in line with my husband, but I didn't care. I'm proud to be a Twilight fan and am the happiest woman in the world to have David as my husband. I've got my own Edward....his name is David. ;)