Sunday, March 04, 2007

A Change Will Do You Good

It was a working weekend this weekend. In addition, David was on call. They had already asked him to take care of something on Saturday morning. Then he got 3 calls (so far) this weekend. Even though they're a pain we won't be complaining about it when he gets his paycheck. And next week he won't have to be on call. Good to go. In between calls on Saturday, while I was at work, David borrowed his dad's truck and got my parent's retired recliner to add to our living room. You know what that means....changing the room layout. It seems as though we have so much room, but feel so limited. Mostly because we have the hot water radiators that take up one wall. Don't get me wrong we have come to LOVE the hot water heat, but sometimes you just wish those things weren't there. Anyway, David and I sat for about an hour discussing different set up options and tried to move stuff around to figure out exactly what we wanted. Of course we had a few sped bumps.....moved the computer the the opposite end of the room only to find that the cable wouldn't work for some reason. Good thing we were smart enough not to take everything apart and we just scooted everything across the floor. I'm sure it looked funny. This is what we came up with.....

It wasn't until I took the pictures that I realized we had a few too many greens going on. Mostly because of St. Patrick's Day and that can easily be changed. Even though the couch seems back so far we've added one more seat the room and opened it up tons, which I love. Of course that just gives David an even bigger excuse that now we really need a bigger tv. And I just politely tell him that "Sorry. We're going to Hawaii." And not that we have people over that much but now I feel more comfortable that we can actually have room for people. We can also have room to add more chairs if need be. So we spent a few hours doing that.
Saturday evening we had David's 'rents over for a game night. We finally got to play Disney's Scene It. We blew Sita and Alpa out of the water. Oh well. Sorry. It was kind of a buzzkill because I was really excited to play and had been waiting for awhile. I just have to find someone that knows all the stupid things your brain holds on to that takes up space, just like me. We then played Imaginiff and I won again. Say what? I've been on a roll. Don't know what's up with that.
We had something interesting happen last night. All the sudden Viking was barking, going nuts. So I immediately awaken to pounding on a door. Then David jumps up and I say, "we better see what's going on." As we scramble to make ourselves presentable I peek outside to find the police pounding on our neighbor's door while another individual is looking around the outside of the house with a flashlight. We both go outside and verify with the police that they weren't pounding on our door, just the neighbors. They say yes and we head back to bed. It wasn't until we went back up that I realized it was 3:30am. We have no idea what was going on. Our neighbors weren't home and they haven't been all day. They are a really nice family and I hope everything is okay. Isn't it amazing that in just a few seconds millions of thoughts can go through your head....Is something really going on or am I dreaming? Is someone breaking in? Who needs help? What the???? We'll have to see. Today was spent not doing too much. David woke up and within a few minutes received a page for work. So while he was out doing that I cleaned the house up a bit. The rest of the day included grocery shopping and napping on the couch. Our lives are so exciting aren't they? I can't complain because it's nice to have some down time every once in a while. Now it's time to work on some more school work before I get ready for the week. Hope everyone has an enjoyable Monday.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE game night! We are especially fond of Scene It. We have 4 versions (Original, 2, Disney and Music which is our new favorite because for the tie breakers you have to get up and do dances like moonwalk, robot, and breakdancing etc.) Anyway we've learned that the teams need to include young and old together because if you are playing Disney esp. the young ones always win and if you play the original the older folks will usually win. So we like to play the guys against the girls so you get a kid and adult together. Alyssa and I are the champs most of the time. So maybe the next time we're up we can challenge you two for a game. We like Imaginiff too although we don't own it. I thank my mom for always playing games with us. I still remember playing cards with my grandpaents every year when they visited us in FL. I think it's a great way for a family to come together and have a good time.

erika said...

Hi Heidi,
I am in love with your floors. That dark wood is beautiful, and I know how hard you worked to get them that way. Your home really looks great.

I also wanted to thank you for the encouragement on my run. I made it!

Love, Erika

Poho Family said...

I agree, your floors look so great! You guys did an awesome job on them. It may stink when your in the process of doing it but when you finally done and you take a step back and breathe, it is really all worth it!

About movie night, I'm up for it. Chick flicks rock! :-)

2welschenbachs said...

your animals seem to like it in the top picture, they are looking somewhere at the same

have a good week guys...