Sunday, March 25, 2007

Planet Earth Is Amazing

Just getting settled in for the next week. Is anyone watching Planet Earth of the Discovery Channel? If not you're missing some amazing footage of wildlife. By hopping around to different situations it keeps you interested. We've been keeping our eye out to see when it'd be on and then Sita called tonight to let us know that it was on (thanks Sita!) We saw the book at Barnes and Noble a few weeks ago and that got us even more excited for the show. It's something that you got to be into to enjoy, but if you like animals and tend to like the Discovery Channel, be sure to check it out. While keeping my one eye on that I've been keeping my other on the computer as I try to catch up with any school work. It's so hard not to get preoccupied on the weekends (heck, even the weekdays) when you've got spring fever. I keep pushing it off, just dreading these final weeks of speech. This next week I'm going to have to give my informative speech and I have to turn in my persuasive speech outline. I'm not so worried about actually giving the informative speech, but for some reason the persuasive outline isn't jiving with me. I'm hoping to have a moment tomorrow to talk with my preceptor to hopefully get some form of inspiration in the right direction. Is it so bad of me to think, "What if I didn't complete these assignments? What would my grade be?" All I need to do is pass. I don't need an "A"." Okay, yeah, I need an A, because that's when my perfectionist mind kicks in. Other than worrying about school our weekend was great. David got to meet Antonio Pittman at the mall and get his autograph. I must say it kind of was a buzzkill, but I just keep telling myself, "he's only a human." To begin, they were supposed to have Anthony Gonzalez and Jay Richardson...On Friday Jay Richardson dropped out but Antonio was going to come. Then Saturday morning Gonazalez pulled out. When we got to the mall there was a huge line, but thanks to David winning a certificate through the radio he was allowed to jump the line. So we were there on time only to find that Antonio had a tryout in the morning with The Patriots and was running behind. About an hour later he arrived and it was as if nothing happened. Meaning, no one knew what was going on. Since no one was aware of when he was exactly due to arrive he game in unannounced and just appeared. Then the "normal" line started moving immediately. Wait a minute, David was supposed to go first, along with the others that had won the same certificate. It wasn't that big of a deal because within a few minutes they let him go, but instead of being in front of Antonio he was behind him almost trying to force him to take his stuff before the people that were in the "normal" line that were in front of the table. Basically, in military terms it was a gagglefuck (please excuse the language). It was as though Jesus had entered the building. No one cared where they were standing or who they were running over just to get a picture. Not to mention he wasn't the most charismatic fellow we had ever met. I'm sure that was because he was forced into doing this because his fellow teammates pulled out and he had previous engagements that were for sure occupying his mind other than signing some person's picture. Anyway, it wasn't a total waste of time because David was still excited about it, but once again....he's only a person. In addition to doing that on Saturday we had time to hang out with friends this weekend and got to finally have our game night with David's 'rents. And they found out that "Taboo is really fun". So all in all a good weekend. Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and has a happy beginning to their weeks.

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Joey said...

You'll get through those speeches, but I know it's tough when spring is starting and all you want to do is go outside and enjoy. Glad you had a nice weekend, ya know...we got to hang out with some friends too. So I guess it was pretty cool.