Friday, March 30, 2007

A Ray Of Sunshine In Your Day

I have a few more minutes before our afternoon appointments start so I wanted to share with you some good news. Yesterday I brought Lily to work and decided to run her yearly bloodwork chemistries/complete blood count. I came to work today and saw that for the first time her chemistries are all within normal limits. Her CBC had a few elevations but is still the most "normal" that it's ever been (in addition, levels with the CBC can change due to transport, etc.) So we are jumping for joy right now. If you know anything about Lily, you know that she's had a tough life from the beginning. And it's the best feeling to see her come around a corner. Not only is she a different dog with her attitude and liveliness, but her blood count and chemistries are showing it too. We never gave up hope and I'm glad that David and I gave her a chance and believed in her...I knew that our little girl had it in her.

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