Sunday, March 11, 2007

Keepin' Busy

It was our first "warm" weekend of the season and ya'll know that we couldn't just sit here. On Saturday we headed to Crocker Park with the 'rents and had a yummy lunch at the Cheesecake Factory. Then, in search of orange Crocs, also known as coral, we went to Dick's and also tried at the Great Northern Mall, with no luck. Bummer. I may just have to order them. Another big bummer is that I love how my black and brown ones fit, but my pink ones tend to be tighter. I'm figuring it's because they've all been made in different places. So it makes me nervous to order them without trying them on. We came home without Crocs and took the dogs for a walk and spent some time in our muddy backyard playing ball. It was then decided that we were going to pull up our carpet in our bedroom. Yes, you heard right. So we spent 3 hours pulling up our carpet. The carpeting was old and discolored and just kept getting worse with Lily have accidents. Once again, changing something for the dog. It worked downstairs, so why won't it work upstairs? Obviously with all of these problems plus a few more, that's how we came to the decision. Now we're down to 1 room with carpet. It looks like someone put some form of finish over paint and the finish is chipping off. So we're hoping to be able to sand it down (hopefully without chemical stripping) and either paint it or refinish. We haven't decided yet. It was interesting how the carpet was laid. You had the carpet, a thin pad, this linoleum stuff that wasn't tacked to the floor with the exception of one metal strip down the middle of the room, and then newspaper. Yes, newspaper. Why there was newspaper, you got me. The newspaper was from January 25th, 1948. We kept some of the adds from the paper. It was kind of neat to look at. We also found a "trap" door and opened it, only to kind dust and dirt. Oh well....we didn't find our millions....yet. It's pretty cool though, not that we'll ever need a hiding place for valuables, but you never know. And it's perfect because it's under our bed, so you won't be able to see it. On the other hand, we'll never be able to move our bed. Later that evening we went over the 'rents because Ande' was in town. This morning we woke up and went to Perkins Pancake House with the family. And then took our weekly trip to The Depot....meaning Home Depot. We finally got David's paint for his room, and then another bug hit. "Let's go paint your room." Of course the sanding wasn't done, so we did that and then started painting. The ceiling's painted, along with the 3 main walls. All that needs to be done is the edging along the ceiling and the accent wall, which is the smallest (and probably the easiest) wall. At a later date I'll paint all the woodwork. So we've had a very productive weekend. Of course with all the hustle and bustle my school work has been put on the back burner. But hey, you need to do that sometimes. Here are some pictures of the floor thus far...

Carpet and Linoleum

The Newspaper Layer

After Removing The Layers/Before Cleaning


Poho Family said...

I love your guys energy. You can come over to my house and use it whenever you want to! I have two rooms to paint yet and touch up the kitchen. I want the paint fairy to come at night and do it for me. So far, she hasn't came yet :-(

See ya tomorrow!

David and Heidi said...

Hey, whenever you need us, call us. We love to do this kind of stuff. Just wish it wasn't so financially draining! See ya!