Sunday, January 06, 2008

Are We Really In Ohio?

Hello heat wave! Or should I say global warming? Whatever you want to choose, we've had an increase in temperature around our parts the past couple days. Mid 50's in January? That's crazy. I won't complain all that much though since it's much easier to get out and moving when it's so mild. The wind can kick your butt, but that's the only trade-off. We're digging it so much that we're going to run tomorrow morning (remember Monday's are off days) just to get in another run with decent weather.

Erika was so gracious to offer to meet up with us while she was in town, so this morning we drove to her 'rents and set off on a run. We did a down and back route to downtown that wound up being 4.65 miles. That makes it my second longest run (4.91 being the longest measured without the Garmin) and the longest run ever without stopping. You talk about a confidence boost! The weather was perfect and it felt great, even though we had the wind at our backs toward downtown and then had to run into the wind on our way back. (the opposite of what you hope for) I was thankful that Erika put up with my slow pace when she could've taken off on her own. She gave a ton of advice and kept my mind moving with general conversation. I'm definitely looking forward to when she's in town next, so we can hopefully catch up with her for another run. We'll also have to plan a few trips up to the Cleveland area to have a change of scenery.

We had a pretty low key weekend. Saturday night was spent over our friends from up the street. We had a great meal, played some Cranium, and had great conversation. The rest of the weekend was normal to-do things around the house. Now we're gearing up for the big game tomorrow night. Go Buckeyes!

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