Friday, January 04, 2008

Black or Blue?

I had the realization today that I have a prejudice. Prejudice in the most stupid way. The ink color of a pen. What the?? Yeah, crazy. Let me explain.

I don't ever remember having a preference of ink color in high school. Heck, I preferred pencil. Even to this day I prefer a pencil. Too bad pencil writing isn't legal in my line of work. Of course writing with a pencil calls for the use of the mechanical kind or an automatic sharpener available at all times, so that I have the sharpest point possible.

Back to ink color....I'm a pen guru. I absolutely love pens. Once again, I have no reason why I love pens. I just do. Don't even let me step foot in a Staples. It can be dangerous. As I write I have a bag full o' pens waiting to be used. I used to get any kind as long as they were pretty and wrote well. However, as time went on I found myself writing more and more with only black ink. I don't know why. Maybe I had the unconscious notion that black was more professional. Or maybe it was because my classes required black ink. The funny thing is that black ink isn't "legal", whereas blue is. Any government or important form we fill out must be done in blue, as to prove it's not a copy. So why do they push black ink onto you while in school?

My job in New Orleans didn't require any specific color as long as it was either blue or black. Now when I moved to Michigan we were ONLY allowed to use black. I think that's what set my unknown predjudice in stone. At my current location we are allowed to use blue or black, but most everyone's preference is blue. For instance, they only purchase blue pens for us to use in the clinic. I didn't think it was that big of a deal as I just provide my own. I usually have several pens in my purse but for some reason I had misplaced them all. I went searching for a black pen while at work and had no luck. I dealt with it but had the realization I hate writing with blue ink. It got to the point where I wanted to pull the clinic apart trying to find a black ink pen or didn't want to write at all. Why? No specific reason. I wish I could pinpoint the reason. One more reason for me to feel like a weirdo. The thing is I've never had to deal with this problem before. I don't technically have a "problem" with writing with blue ink. I do it all the time, but it's a small jot here and there. I always go back to using a black pen for long-term usage. Having to use blue ink the entire day threw me for a loop.

What's even funnier is that I didn't really notice my "issue" until the office manager came around asking if we needed any office supplies. When I hollered "Black pens!" she said, "Oh no. You're one of those." Yep, I guess I am. She then went on to say, "Heidi, you're too young to be avoiding change." She's right. In the end she was willing to order black pens but I chose to continue bringing in my own pens. Yep, I may be avoiding change, but it's one less anxiety to deal with. Darn OCD.

As for gel versus ballpoint...that's a whole other debate......


Mark Roth said...
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Mark Roth said...

Don't feel guilty about using black pens. I also have to use a black pen---a blue one just doesn't do it for me. I guess I have some OCD in me too! :-)


Heidi said...

Ah! Maybe that's where it all started. Love you dad! ;)

Therese said...

I am definitely with you in the black ink camp! I love to get free pens at the product shows, but if they write in blue ink, they are finding a new home. I can't really say when or why it started, but there it is. Maybe we should have a pen swap sometime, I think I still have at least a drawer full of pens even after I sorted through them when I moved to my new lab this week. Life is full of small pleasures, you just have to take the time to notice them!

sita said...

Hey Bug,
You know how I am. I'm a pen junkie. Highlighter and sharpie junkie as well. I look at it this could be worse, I could be a clothes junkie, food junkie, on and on. :0]