Friday, January 11, 2008

Insane I Am

Yesterday I didn't get a run in. It was windy, rainy, and dark by the time I got off of work at 7pm. Yuck. I just guaranteed myself that I'd get up this morning and go out, praying that the rain had subsided. Well, the rain subsided but the wind decided to kick it up a notch. 24 mph winds with 31 mph gusts. The kind where I just had to lean into the wind and it holds me up. I tossed in bed this morning as I could hear the winds hitting the windows and changing pressure through the house....we have an older house. Goodness. "Alright Heidi. Just do it. Get out there, welcome the wind to your run and it will all come together." I probably took the longest time ever to get dressed and all geared up. I went outside and a gust caught me. I just told myself that I'd be fine and said, "Good morning wind! Would you like to join me for a run?" And took off. I felt like no matter what direction I was going I was running into the wind. That's what we get for living on one of the Great Lakes I guess. I'd hit a good spot then the wind would gust again, reminding me that it was present. I'd just say, "Come on wind, keep running with me." The gust would end and we were in harmony. Yes, I think I've truly lost it, but it works! Erika brought this up on our run last weekend. I thought this was the best day to try it and I wasn't disappointed. Instead of gritting my teeth and cursing the wind, I just welcomed it and went with it. It felt great. So great that I kept going and completed my planned route twice, making it 4.34 miles on my own. Once again this is a personal best for me....longest mileage by myself. That's awesome and it's even better to upload my Garmin to see how many calories I burned. Sweet. I think I have finally entered into a new "level" of running. No longer am I hitting a wall at 3 miles. At that point my body wants to keep running and settles into autopilot. I have yet to find at what mileage my new wall is. I'm sure I'll find it soon enough but for now I'm going to enjoy my current status.

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